All-singing, all-dancing

Say, uh, it’s been a while since I last updated, eh? I blame Rogue Galaxy, which I’ve been playing through for review. (Not the big review, so haters take heart! My score won’t count.)

Rogue Galaxy is like a mashup of Skies of Arcadia, Kingdom Hearts and FFXII, but not quite as good as any of them. Well, OK, it’s better than Kingdom Hearts. Like that’s so difficult. The disparity in quality between Level 5’s various projects makes me realize they are less a developer and more a tool, and the outcome of their work depends entirely on the skill and involvement of their current publisher. I’m sure Dragon Quest IX will be totally great, because Yuji Horii is way more anal and controlling than Sony. You can’t say that about just anyone, you know.

Anyway, the real reason posts have been so few and far between has more to do with the fact that what little free time I have is squandered browsing the forums. Yes, the site is being undermined from within. So far I’ve been most impressed by everyone’s eagerness to take my demands for an “all-singing, all-dancing, all-haiku” translation of Final Fantasy VI. It’s been short on the singing and dancing so far, and that’s probably to everyone’s benefit. But the haiku is flowing like… like funky flow.

Medieval pervert!
Leading on that poor woman
And porn in the chest

Katarin’s pregnant.
What am I supposed to do?
Mobliz has no jobs :(

and gem box make Kefka look
like a mama’s boy.

And the winner:


Finally, there’s my own humble entry, which I forgot to post in the thread. Luckily, I have no compunctions about abusing my “only person who can post on the main page” privileges to place it here:

Leafers drenched in flame
She’s loaded for bear

Anyway, as soon as our rain lets up I’m mailing all those Crap I Want to Sell packages. They’ve been sitting here for a few days, but the post office is a long walk from here and I don’t want everyone’s stuff to get soaked along the way. I’ll be shipping priority, though, so everything should be there pretty dang quick, like.

16 thoughts on “All-singing, all-dancing

  1. Rogue Galaxy isn’t as good as Skies of Arcadia? Really? I mean, I might imagine RG’s story or exploration not might be as good as SoA’s, but the combat-related things? I find that hard to believe. SoA’s combat/skill building sucked massively.

  2. Not as good as FFXII I can understand, but not as good as Skies of Arcadia? Ouch. I know I’m in the minority, but that game never did much for me. I had hopes for Rogue Galaxy though once again I didn’t much care for Dragon Quest VIII. Guess I’m not that suprised.

  3. Well, in fairness, RG and SoA are probably about on par. It’s just that RG is coming six years later… and the genre has moved along considerably in that time.

    Evolve or die, as they say.

  4. I bought and played the Japanese version. The combat eventually gets excruciatingly annoying. Even with the enhancements for the US version… if the dull combat and bugs aren’t fixed … it’s really hard to recommend this.

  5. Well, in fairness, RG and SoA are probably about on par. It’s just that RG is coming six years later… and the genre has moved along considerably in that time.

    That’s pretty bad, actually, considering that I consider SoA’s gameplay a massive step down from what Grandia already did three years earlier.

  6. that’s right. I better get my stuffed toasty frog doll with scary dentures soon or else I start rioting.

  7. That’s sort of what I expected Rogue Galaxy would be like. It looks just awesome enough for me to really want it, but not quite awesome enough to out-prioritize Lunar Knights or any of 2007’s major Wii games, so I hope it comes out before any of those.

  8. Pah. I adore Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2, and the Rogue Galaxy gameplay trailers have done nothing but make me salivate in anticipation. I wish — I wish— I can start and finish FFXII before RG’s release date, because as much as I’ve been anticipating ol’ #12, I just can’t say no to Level-5.

  9. In a bitter twist of irony, I haven’t been browsing your site because I’ve been too busy posting in your forums.

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