Talking time!

I went and did something today that I may regret, but… here it is anyway: TALKING TIME.

This site’s history with hosting forums has been spotty at best, checkered at worst, but discussion in comment threads has been pretty lively lately and I hate to see good conversations scroll off the main page where they’re battened down to prevent link spammer infestations. So now there’s a place for conversations that are worth preserving… and blog comments for more superficial chatter. Anyway, please use but don’t abuse and we’ll all be happy. Feel free to start up some fresh conversations, too. This forum is for you. Mostly.

Edit: Uh, apparently we managed to explode my server. So much for that. Well, it was fun while it lasted (a day).

47 thoughts on “Talking time!

  1. Me? I’m intimidated by not knowing what that guy and that skull are from. Is that Rambo? If I can’t even figure that out, I’m probably not hip enough for the forums. I didn’t let that stop me though.

  2. Clash at Demonhead, right? Which I only know from Parish’s description of “TALKING TIME” from his Metroidvania write-up.

  3. Gah, like I need more time-sucks. I generally managed to avoid previous incarnations of the toasty forum, but I may find it hard to pass up interesting FFXII conversation.

    I shall, however, resist the urge to register as Tom Guycott. Which is probably already taken anyway.

  4. Wow.

    While there were some members on the old toastyboards there made me go URRRGH, I really missed it. I can definately tell you that I became closer friends to a lot of people I know now via the boards, and it was a bit of a sanity saver on 9/11, and during a few low times in my life living in that rat’s nest in New Brunswick (seriously, jeremy, there was a reason why I never invited you over and it’s because my landlord was crazy and I was ashamed of the room I rented).

  5. I’ve resisted the urge to register as PANDAR^2, but I registered nonetheless. I’m all out of panda-print stationery anyway.

  6. As long as I walk out of this potential disaster with a omega-gambit system, it was all worth it!

  7. Hmm. Not to be all impatient or anything, but is it normal for the confirmation email to take several hours? Double-checked the address I typed in and it should work. (Of course, it won’t let me re-try with a different address as my name is now taken.)

  8. What I meant was that you might attract a flock of trolls again. Though I guess after the UG’n’G incident things can’t get any worse.

  9. Ah well, if it’s happening to lots of people I’m less concerned about my email being broken and will wait patiently until the issue is resolved. Carrying on, then.

  10. Oh. The way you phrased that sounded like a threat or something.
    Trolls are welcome to post in “Sheer Idiocy” — it’s there as a quarantine.
    I’m not sure what’s up with confirmations. I’ll look into it, I guess? Email me with your username if you have trouble registering.

  11. Ditto to what Tomm said, though I took a guess using your username on comment at this website address (which used to work, but for all I know it may be turned off to avoid spam).

  12. Oh, look there, a nice gmail link on the page which is not the comments page. Oblivious stat goes up by one. Dur. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for adding me! Sorry to hear about your server…

    Now WHERE I am gonna ask smart people about which Final Fantasy remake to play first!?

  14. Damn. I think registered for the first time in Jeremy’s forum history (I lurked in the former Pit of Flames), and next thing I know, it’s already gone. Gosh darn it.

  15. So sad, I didn’t get a chance to get any of those codes to help me with unlocking Onion Knight since I just now got home from work. /cry

  16. Shame shame — I really enjoy reading the comments posted around here. Some are almost as good as toasty’s original blogs… but it’s like hot cocoa and marshmallows. They’re better together.

    I suppose I’ll live whether I have to read them as comments or threads in their own right.

  17. Darn. Just when I got confirmation that my Wii component cables are in the post and I was all fired up to put in a marathon Zelda session this weekend so that I could participate in the spoiler-rich thread.

  18. I’ve signed up with a new hosting service. It may take a few weeks, but everything will be rocking out even harder soon. (Which includes forums.)

  19. X the last remark. My attention was diverted and I didn’t refresh the browser before posting. Awesome to hear the forums will be back up again eventually.

  20. Well, at least I got a few posts in. I look forward to the improved forums in a few weeks. Also, Parish, I never got to thank you for registering my Wii friend code, so uh…Thanks.

  21. And I didn’t even collect any sweet gambit rigs….
    Maybe next time the extra horsepower will allow us to actually complete registration.

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