Living the dream?


Peter Moore, I hope you’re looking down from heaven and smiling with the satisfaction of knowing that your dream of Wii60 has been made real. Your legacy lives on!

Huh? He’s not dead? Well never mind then.

P.S., my Wii is 7467 8098 7429 2532. Now show me yours. (You can email it to me if you’re too shy to expose it in public.)

75 thoughts on “Living the dream?

  1. What games do you have for the 360? I just got one and am looking for suggestions on what to play with it (till assassin’s creed, at least).

  2. Did you ever really talk about Dead Rising much after you actually got a 360, here or on 1up somewhere? I remember your posts about it leading up to your 360 Get!, but no impressions afterward.

  3. JP already titled a post “White Supremacy” or somesuch back when the DS Lite came out. I don’t think he’s too concerned about political correctness in this regard.

  4. I never really got far enough into Dead Rising to develop a substantial opinion. It’s a really entertaining game, but it requires a certain level of commitment I haven’t had the time or inclination to offer it.

  5. I’m impressed people can tell by 2 letters what it could possibly be.

    On the otherhand, I see what is *unmistakeably* Kingdom Come on there, too.

    Why did you have to ruin the Wii60 goodness with a crappy 3P PS2 pad there, JP?

  6. Doesn’t everyone own Watchmen? I thought it was just one of those things you gather along the way, like one of those mini-Bibles that consists of the New Testament, Psalms and 126 translations of John 3:16. You don’t even know how you got it, it’s just there.

  7. man, i used to read those mini bibles all the time. in Japan, i caught some Witnesses passing them out near my campus, and totally drove them away. Some of my students found that the mini bibles (with the happy green covers) were far more interesting than class. I don’t disagree with that sentiment.

  8. That PS2 controller looks a lot like the cheapie GameStop brand one I bought. Talk about hard to change batteries, it comes with this tiny philips screwdriver that gets lost within a week that you have to use to unscrew the battery compartment. Now I have a dead controller and no tiny philips screwdriver.

    And I see you had 2 of those Superman compilation books. ;)

  9. 1) …When was Parish NOT a comics afficionado?
    2) I do not own Watchmen
    3) Parish, did you add me yet? As of this morning you had not (or at least, hadn’t signed online since doing so).

  10. I’d love to share my Wii number, but I have yet to find one. My work schedule precluded me from standing in line,, and after contacting nearly every store along the GA/SC border, I am still out of luck. Perhaps making it out early on Black Friday will be rewarding…

  11. How can I get the best out of the Wii’s image?
    I’m a little KONGfused about the whole composite/component cables thing.

    Are composite cables the same as the A&V cables? Is it the same as S-Video?

    I have a normal TV, no HD, no widescreen. It has 2 A&V and 1 S-Video entrances.
    Should I worry spending the extra 30 bucks buying the component cables?

  12. That’s a purty picture! What Wii games are you people playing online? Great blog BTW. Love the all the Castlevania goodness.

  13. Be extra careful to keep your window closed. You wouldn’t want an unusually strong gust of wind to gush in and blow your 360 over, toppling the Wii and bringing them both crashing down! Oh it might also knock the HDTV over too, but I’m mostly concerned about the Wii.

  14. What type of HDTV do you have there? Plasma or LCD? Brand? I’ve been saving for an HDTV, but have been troubled by the myriad of options and don’t want to get something that doesn’t mix well with my game systems. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. Wii #: 3384 2269 0999 8980
    I’ve got the Wii-60 setup going as well, but the Nintendo consoles still outnumber the Microsoft one 6:1.

  16. Word. My Wii number is 5259-9926-7327-9538.

    And you still haven’t sent me Legend of Heroes 2 yet! (or if you did it’s lost in the mail)


  17. Well, I’ve got the Wii. Now I just need to wait until I can afford the, uh, “60” part. Anyway, my Wii’s number is 4096 7088 3423 0078. And if I don’t end up getting a little Mii Rorita, I’ll… I’ll… uh, do nothing.

  18. You get those little cheap New Testament Bibls while standing in line for something or other at community college (or whatever you call those swanky rich folk universities. Ivory something? Tower what?). If strangers handed out Watchmen when I was standing in line, I probably wouldn’t be the bitter, bitter person I am today.

  19. The Rorita Mii exists inasmuch as is possible when pink isn’t a hair color option.
    Wes, I could have sworn I mailed that to you. I will dig through my desk in the morning and see if I someone failed to ship the UMD. If so, my apologies. If not, I will punch the USPS right in the face.
    Anyway, my Wii is off and its disc slot is glowing softly so I assume I will be able to enjoy a lively Mii parade shortly.

  20. Finally, a second place to find what I assume are going to be Wii numbers from un-horrible people.
    Find me at 1218-1879-2957-9183
    As for non family/friend Miis, the first one I got around to was Prof. Snape. I have no idea why, I’m not even a big Harry Potter fan, I just thought Snape playing center field would be fun for some reason. Other than that, I’ve got your standard Miiamoto, Link, and Lawiigi.

  21. Thank you for confirming the Wii is made of the same shiny plastic that they new DS lite’s are made out of. I don’t know why home consoles made of shiny plastic upset me as much as they do but there you go. Probably because they’ll look tacky with all the fingerprints and dust on them, each making the other look like a bigger eye sore, both staring from the housing saying ‘how dare you let us get this dirty?’.

    Also: original face plate? Can’t find another one thats kick ass enough?

  22. Two questions: how does a Mii parade work, and has anyone tried using a USB keyboard yet?
    My number is 8938 9588 1461 3003. I’m running out the door, but I’ll add everyone this evening.

  23. Everyone loves a parade!
    0701 4147 8017 0172
    I suspect that’s a Samsung HP-S5053 Plasma television, if only because I had the same one delivered yesterday, eerily enough (it was actually a replacement for the previous model Samsung plasma, which is apparently notorious for display issues [mine had a full half-column of dead pixels]. Caveat emptor). Also, while we’re on the creepy, I’ve also got a Wii60 with the overpriced wireless antenna sticking out the back. Though my consoles sit on opposite sides of the television since I still harbor (probably irrational) fears that the 360 power brick will some day burst into flames.
    I have a sneaking (not Sneak King) suspicion that Mac users have been subtly trained to abhor ethernet cables and wired connections of any kind.

  24. “The Rorita Mii exists inasmuch as is possible when pink isn’t a hair color option.”
    How could something that comes from Japan possibly not have pink as a hair color option?

    I’m sorry, that was uncharacteristically annoying-otaku-ish of me. I’ll be over here in my corner with no Wii.

  25. Whatever Parish.Talking about important stuff, and not stuff that makes me want to become a male prostitute in order to consume. Why don’t you include Lord Of The Sword for Master System to the Metroidvania list? That’s pretty much the game that invented Metroidvania as we know it today before Super Metroid or Castlevania SOTN.

  26. 1. My Wii60 takes it…lying down. I’d set and leave the Wii in its vertical orientation, but the DRE’s I got from inserting the discs wrong-side-up were driving me mad.

    2. Nintendo really, really needs to release a white WaveBird. Also, built-in WB receivers would have been nice, because my Wii now looks like a one-armed-bandit with the requisite dongle hanging way out there. A one-armed-bandid for midgets. And southpaws.

  27. Plugged in my dongle last night for Mario64 and felt the same way. I would buy a bluetooth’d white wavebird in a heartbeat. Do any of you have the classic controller yet? My local Gamestop said they still haven’t recieved any.

  28. I got one from Wal-Mart, but haven’t actually grabbed any Virtual Console games yet (since I’m waiting on the ones that don’t suck and/or that I don’t already own in cartridge or disc format). It’s comfortably rounded, but you do have to kinda get used to having the remote lying in your lap or stuck in your pocket or something since it just dangles from the bottom of the classic controller.

  29. The classic controller seems like a good idea with terrible execution. The Wavebird/GC controller is more compatible than the Classic anyway.

  30. What up, Parish.
    Seriously, you need to get some different taste in video games because I’m sick of you stealing mine. Until then I will humbly continue doing my part to make Retronauts NOT the least downloaded 1up podcast.
    2392 5366 7804 3286

  31. I picked up the classic controller on Sunday and have been playing Super Mario 64 with it. Aversion to wires and all. It does work well for the intended purpose – if you have a Nunchuk, you have a good idea what to expect from the analogs. I’m curious to see how it works with the non-Nintendo consoles – I’ll report back once Toejam & Earl goes live.
    Actually, it reminds me of the Messiah NEX Nes controller with analogs stuck in the middle.

  32. 1755 4174 7134 8509

    The most creative and accurate I’ve been able to muster is Brock from Pokemon (it was so easy to do I couldn’t resist) and The Master from Manos. He ended up looking a bit like Hitler.

  33. “I have a sneaking (not Sneak King) suspicion that Mac users have been subtly trained to abhor ethernet cables and wired connections of any kind.”

    Macs have had Ethernet forever and also kept SCSI alive well past it’s freshness date, and basically invented Firewire. I know that half the cables I recognize are due to Mac, although I left shortly after System 8 and I know that there’s a Jobs-ian feng shui image towards clean desks now.

  34. So how’s this Mii parade work? Is it similar to a friend code exchange?

    Here’s my Wii #: 6601 4642 0291 5527

  35. I’m assuming the AV connector is NOT backwards compatible with the standard SNES/N64/GC cable? I have an “official” Nintendo S-Video cable from way back in my SNES days that I’m currently using on my GC. I had hoped to use it for the Wii.

  36. “Now show me yours. (You can email it to me if you’re too shy to expose it in public.)” Looks like Jeremy might get more accidental google traffic from that line.

  37. I’m looking forward to a nice big Wii parade myself. Add 2669 5435 1312 4600 for everyone’s favorite Roman Republic-era general and raconteur.

  38. Michael C., is your number right? I kept getting an error claiming that it was invalid. As I am far too gracious a host to deny anyone who wants it the luxury of having an electronic avatar run around my game console, I thought I’d let you know.

  39. I e-mailed it to you a couple of days ago, but just noticed this. Since you didn’t reply to me yet, here’s my Wii number again: 1588-3094-2057-6405

  40. Thanks, CKS. Anybody else? Remember, you get a nonsensical message free of charge when you do.

    M. Nicolai, I’d like to request Zachary Taylor. He and I share a home state and a fondness for cherries.

  41. hey Jeremy, I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time but this is my first time posting. Anyway, my friend code is 1608 0842 2183 2134, and you want me as a friend because I have made over half of the cast of the Venture Brothers in my Mii channel and they love to go to other people’s consoles.

  42. GrignrHome needs more Mii variety. Too many little-girl-created pink blonde Barbie Miis!
    Send help to:
    8774 0315 3358 2982

  43. They’re great. It pleases me no end to finally put to rest a question that’s haunted me since childhood: who’s the better boxer, Richard M. Nixon or Jean-Luc Picard?

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