No, not World of Warcraft. The only thing that burns more than the new Crusade is my continuing apathy for all things MMO. If I’m gonna grind, I want it to be in a game where it means something. (Note: click that link for delectable import… importiness.) No, when I say “WOW” I mean Wheelie McTurtle, here. He’s like something out of my stalled Bestiary project. Except real. So awesome.

Less awesome: this week’s episode of Retronauts. I even went and planned out a structure for this episode, but it was completely thrown out the window in the first five minutes when everyone rushed ahead and briefly touched on everything without regard for the sequence I had drafted. D’oh!

The Skype element of Retronauts hasn’t worked out so well, unfortunately. I think a single phone-in participant is pretty much our max. I still want to focus heavily on community involvement, though, so write me emails or 1UP messaging-service missives about the new podcast, next week’s topic, or just whatever. We’re going to test a segment in which we read and respond to listener comments, so please facilitate this effort. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

13 thoughts on “WOW

  1. So, when should we start bugging JohnnyD to hook you up with a proper budget to fly guests into the studio for recording sessions?
    Oh – we can start an internet petition!

  2. Its the classic word association game where I post the first thing that comes to mind when someone uses the keywords “RPG” and “grind”. (in this case RPG was implied)
    But if you insist:
    Fanatics Tower
    Cheap plastic box goes flying
    Purple everywhere

  3. Uncursing the Cursed Shield,
    success can be attained,
    alas uncursing the Cursed Ring,
    what a waste of my time.

  4. I share your antipathy for mmorpgs, but I have to ask: “means something?” Really? Back in the day when FFV was only available in English as a patchy fan translation, I TOTALLY mastered every class with every character. But I’m not at all convinced that that experience *meant* anything. Except possibly “I have far too much free time.” But I already knew that.

  5. So, does Butz still yell at Boco?

    That tortoise sure is something.

    No mention of Konami’s latest trifecta of PSP shmup collections? Definitely shocking, especially considering the inclusion of Xexex in the Salamander package.

  6. Personally, you probably made a mistake in going with Doom instead of one of the later FPS games. If you ever did a show for original Quake, and especially if people could find out about it just by casually visiting 1UP, you’d get a TON of feedback.

    Doom is kind of a hinderance because it wasn’t the first FPS, it wasn’t where most people got their first multiplayer fix (try Quake/QuakeWorld or even GoldenEye), it wasn’t released for Mac until way late, and because of Mortal Kombat it didn’t even come on the firing line of moral outrage until Quake III was making the cover of a major non-Ziff magazine. And a lot of the old-timers who enjoyed it refuse to even acknowledge it now that they made a Doom 3 and it rewrites the history of Doom and, you know, everything that’s cool is not cool and stuff.

  7. Speaking of Retronauts, when is the second video episode coming? I mean, the audio only ones are good, but the video one was sheer brilliance.

  8. Sheer brilliance requires a great deal of time to create. Time that is not available to me until after Thanksgiving, what with review season and the launch of two new consoles due in the next five weeks.
    By then we’ll have footage for four episodes, though, so once I get on a roll we should be able to start up a regular schedule.

  9. Viewer comments, eh. I’ll send you something, just in case nothing better comes along and you’re hurting for content.

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