The way we roll

I have many links for you today. It would be far too much trouble to be pithy about them, so instead I shall simply present them to you at face value:

TF Zine Issue Six: The hub page for the abortive RPG issue. There’s nothing much to read just yet except for…

Part One: The issue was to be a continuous narrative, so basically the division into parts is utterly and completely arbitrary. So if that turns out to be too annoying, you could for the more straightforward…

Retronauts Blog 16: wherein I try to say nice things about the N64. If watching me pretend to be nice harshes your mellow, though, there’s always…

The Retronauts podcast: Wherein we totally ream the N64. I tried to make ’em stop, but they were having none of it. Alas.

26 thoughts on “The way we roll

  1. Awesome so far with Issue Six; I don’t mind the “rambliness” so much since that’s how I tend to have conversations.

    And as a married D&D player, I can say that your retrospective of the antediluvian history of RPGs is hillarious. Rock on.

    Now, does this mean that we’ll maybe eventually see 7, 8 and zero, or have those gone by the wayside, too?

  2. N64: one consonant, two numbers
    PS3: two consonants, one number

    Totally diffrent!

    That moment of silence when you asked for someone, anyone, to defend the N64 was about as poetic an epitath I can think of.

  3. Love the D&D article, have the N64 blog opening in another window. I will admit, though, for someone who avoided it as a youth, you summed it up pretty damn well, especially that bit about there only being 4 good DMs in history.
    Yeah, I’m not one of those. I think I lost any claim to that when I set my players against a magic-fueled Eva knockoff.

  4. Well, I’ll try and defend the N64 a little further and add 5 more things about N64 that I think were positive.

    1.Rumble Paks
    2.Goldeneye(Just about the only Rare game worth a crap.)
    3.Automatic built in ports for 4 controllers.
    4.2 of the greatest wrestling games of all time. Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy.
    5.Superman 64. Hey, the world needed a litmus test for crappy games, and thanks to the N64, we got it.

  5. I thought that Retronauts was pretty fair on the N64. I tend to defend the N64 a bit too strongly since it houses Paper Mario and all of my favorite Rare games (namely Banjo Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini), but I can see how somebody would dislike a system that had less than ten worthwhile games on it.

    I’m glad I didn’t hold on to mine, though. I recently managed to trade it for an SNES, my first game system and one that I haven’t owned in nearly seven years, complete with Chrono Trigger and Super Metroid.

  6. Toasty isn’t terribly partial to Treasure games, I believe. Leastwise the Retronauts for Gunstar Heroes was delayed and aborted.

    Treasure’s contributions to the N64 were pretty neat though. Bangai-O and Mischief Makers are boffo.

  7. Super Mario RPG is poop and I figured that should be mentioned at some point.
    I tried my best to steer the conversation away from Treasure because my prickly relationship with their games is well-traveled territory. And unlike the well-traveled territory that is, say, how much I love Super Metroid, it’s not something that particularly bears repeating.
    That said, I always forget Bangai-O was Treasure. That game was genius.

  8. While we’re on the subject of Treasure can I ask Mr Parish if he intends to play Astro Boy: Omega Factor at some point? I just thought that, since he likes handhelds and probably wants to know why Treasure inspires such psychotic devotion in people, he might like to play the greatest GBA game in existence, which just happens to be made by Treasure. Just wondering.

  9. Man I am glad that you stopped doing that footnote thing in your regular site updates. Oh well, at least you still refuse to make links automatically open in a new window!
    Thanks for the heads up on Mega Man ZX and Rocket Slime! I’m enjoying them both very much, so you are forgiven for convincing me to buy Steambot Chronicles.

  10. Passwords… Maybe he’s trying to edit your wiki.
    Speaking of, I like that words like “The Lion King” are wiki-linked, but lead nowhere.

  11. I link to stuff with the noble intention to get around to them eventually but immediately forget once I hit “save.” I am forever astounded when I look back through my site and see all the imaginary pages I’ve linked to.
    Based on its level of hyperbole and confrontational tone, I’m assuming that Astro Boy comment is an effort to dissuade me from ever touching the game.

  12. I thihnk he means the excellent story set in world war II about a german kid, his japanese friend and tumultous Japan of that era.

  13. Astro Boy is a pretty darn good game, and this is coming from someone who isn’t even remotely familar with the source material. It’s also a pretty cheap pickup nowadays, coming in at about ten bucks used at any EBGames or Gamestop.

  14. Well, oops. I recently went through a bout of Nintendo 64 nostalgia, and might’ve been able to defend it a bit in the netcast. But I’m microphone-shy anyway — and lacking a decent microphone — so it doesn’t matter.

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