12 thoughts on “Parallels I

  1. The Game Boy Advance version is more legible than that, right? This is an MS Paint-squished shot from an emulator, right? I need you to say these things to me. Or approximately equivalent things.

  2. This is almost certainly a Super NES shot resized very badly by someone with little sense of how graphics programs work. It is, however, the only in-game image I could find of the Magus Sisters on Google, and there’s no way I’m wasting six hours on an emulator just to snap a single screenshot. The GBA version looks much better than this.

  3. He made that mistake on purpose to lure us in a false sense of security to make us think he’s not perfect. Sly boots.

  4. Well, hey! You’ve also got the Satan-worship and possibly the homosexual overtones … if Japan got “more” out of the Magus Sisters’ history than we did. Which is always possible.

  5. I disagree. Personally, I always fry the little one with spells while people are hitting the big one. You can kill the little one repeatedly. Sure, she comes back to life, but it’s also a battle where you can steal MP from the bosses repeatedly too. Killing the little one really slows down the sisters’ attack.

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