Money can be exchanged for goods and services

I didn’t think the decision to get an Xbox 360 was that big a deal, but clearly I was mistaken since 1UP took a moment at today’s staff meeting to applaud my willingness to join the next generation. Honestly.

Money is, alas, a little tight at the moment (seeing as the majority of my bank account is currently on loan to various friends and peers and security deposits), so I’m clearing out a handful of useless baubles to help finance my adventures in upward mobility. And you know what that means: it’s time to whore eBay auctions.

Baubles on offer include my precious version 1.0 firmware PSP, the Final Fantasy IV GB Micro and even my Japanese Famicom-style GB Micro. Which is pretty much the same as the U.S. edition, except with the Club Nintendo-exclusive Controller II faceplate. That is HOT. Coming soon: the complete Famicom Mini collection plus the accompanying Famicom version GBA SP as a gigantic collector’s set of pathetic retro self-indulgence. I’m being a little more ruthless than is strictly necessary in putting stuff up for auction, but sacrifices are in order if I wish to join this so-called “next-gen” of which the children speak so often these days.

Basically I’m posting links here in semi-desperation. I’ll send extra goodies along with the merchandise if the winner happens to be a regular reader, even.

Also on a completely unrelated note: people who like classic games should get a Skype account and let me know their user names. It will come in handy soon, I do believe.

27 thoughts on “Money can be exchanged for goods and services

  1. I’ve been thinning out my collection over the past couple of months, selling about 10-12 items a week on eBay. Sadly, it’s barely made a dent in the amount of SPACE it takes up (and my wife and I need space soon for something… important).
    But thanks to having “doubles” in our collection of who-knew-they-were-rare items (someone paid $65 for a Greatest Hits Final Fantasy VII?!) my eBay selling has paid for a lot of things, which is great. My XBox 360 and 3 games for it, my PS2 fliptop and Swap Magic Discs, and a lot of cool imports have all been purchased with eBay funds.
    Hmmm… maybe the reason that I’m not making a huge impact on my collection’s size is because I’m buying more games. At least the “sold to bought” ratio is higher on the “sold” side… and I’m kind of swapping out crappy games (see ya later, Cel Damage) for good games (hello, ESPGaluda!).
    So…good luck with generating funds!

  2. Skype appears to be some kind of internet telephone or something. I wonder if this means Parish is planning on reaching out and touching some people (in the metaphorical sense, not the creepy 20 years to life sense).

  3. Fess up, this glut of eBay auctions is just a move to fund the purchase of a new MacPro.

  4. Nah, I can’t imagine going back to a desktop system. The speed is nice but I prefer portability. I just want a television, since I gave mine to Sharkey a year ago. Is that so wrong?

  5. I gave Sharkey a laptop. That I miss now that my writing is kicking back up.

    Parish, I want your things. Really. I’m trying to be good this month and save for the slew of releases coming in September-November; the Wii included. You’re testing me here, especially with your Famicom SP and game set. Le sigh.

  6. Does this mean they’re really going to be doing a retro gaming podcast at 1Up? Or is this a ToastyFrog exclusive?

  7. So J, what else interests you on the 360? Is this pretty much all about Dead Rising, or are there other games you’re interested in on the 360 that just weren’t enough to warrant the whole system on their own? Just curious. Unrelated: Chromehounds is fantastic.

  8. Random artwork, buttons, that kind of thing.
    A big factor in getting a 360 is backwards compatibility. I realize not everything is BC-friendly at the moment, but there are enough BC games that I missed the first time ’round that it seems worth the trouble.

  9. Forgive my badgering then, but what Xbox games tickle your fancy? Just pure curiosity here, since I’ve never heard you weigh in much on the Xbox side of things in either generation. Maybe I just missed those posts, or maybe I should just patiently wait for you to get into this further once you actually have an Xbox of some sort, but it’s a slow night at work, so I’ve gotta at least ask.

  10. So does all this mean that eventually at some point down the road you’ll have all three next-gen (when can we call them current-gen?) systems?

  11. I don’t know. Final Fantasy IV Micro and PSP are fine, but Famicom Mini games and Famicom Micro… The useless ones, fine, but Nazo no Murasame and Balloon Fight are dear treasures. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Good for you for being able to let go for the sake of being good on your money.

  12. The Famicom SP is so mindblowingly awesome, for sure. The box alone is worth the cost, and it’s got the best shade of white you’ve ever seen.
    Does your Famicom Micro collection come complete with the collector’s box case thing that Nintindo gave to people who bought them all? (japan only, of course) If so, I hate you, passionately, for dividing me from my funds. I guess I might need to re-download Skype… The FFIV micro is cool, but just not worth it when the money’s tight. But ah, the artwork, so pretty… I do want Balloon Fight, too… there might be a fight over that one.

    When you get your Xbox, you want a copy of Grabbed by the Goulies? I’ve had it for a couple years, mint, never opened! I’ve heard from random people that the makers of the game actually made good games once, although i’ve yet to find them!

  13. “I’ve heard from random people that the makers of the game actually made good games once, although i’ve yet to find them!”

    I think they might’ve made a couple first-person shooters that were decent, but I’m not so sure.

    As for this Skype thing, would it matter if I didn’t have a mic?, or really have any actual use use for such a program? Would it still be handy for those of us who like classic games?

  14. I like classic games and have just obtained a Skype account. It is NIKUPALOOZA because somebody other than me somewhere out there apparantly used Nikumatic, and that frightens me.

  15. For those that happened to stumble on this page and DON’T like classic games, then you obviously came here on accident. Have someone escort you to the nearest alternative videogame site.

  16. I have a Skype account as ConstantineHuman. To distinguish me from ConstantineFish and ConstantineCephalopod.

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