Pasta participle

Kohler has a frightening ability to find amazingly obscure and/or valuable videogames when he hits the local Goodwills. Me, not so much. Usually I just find a lot of bad PS2 wrestling games or the odd, lonely copy of SNES Jeopardy! or something. To date, this copy of LucasArts’ Outlaws is the best I’ve managed.

The only redeeming factor: if you look closely, you’ll notice it’s the Italian version. I’m pretty sure there’s a spaghetti western joke in there somewhere, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Sorry. Since yesterday’s crappy cellphone picture went over so well (apparently 4CR is frequented by thousands of people with a burning compulsion to click links) I figured I’d balance things out with a crappy cell phone picture destined to bomb. Completely.

Also, it appears China is attempting to bring the plot of G.I. Joe: The Movie into real life.

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  1. Yeah, the music in Outlaws is fantastic. I remember the atmosphere being great, the AI being eminently trickable (and pretty hard to maintain suspension of “I’m fighting real peopl!” disbelief against), and the levels getting kind of tedious.

    That said, because of the music and the atmosphere, I totally want to replay it some day. Right after I finish System Shock 2 and replay Deus Ex again.

  2. The best part of Outlaws was that it used the Dark Forces engine for a setting that was as about as diametrically opposed to Star Wars as humanly possible.

  3. In their defense though, it’s likely the only engine they had access too, with the Dark Forces engine being their own proprietary engine. At least at the time.

    Still, it is odd that they decided to suddenly make a jump from the last FPS game with that engine to doing a Western instead but that’s LucasArts I suppose. They’re anything if not innovative … or at least they were.

  4. I loved OUTLAWS. It was a game with 2d charecters, but you could be dead if you didn’t sneak around.
    oh, and running around was hilarious because of the doppler effect

  5. Indeed, there seems to be a reference to Leone’s first film. The yellow sticker says “Per un pugno di [word I can’t tell]”, which is the original title of “For a fistful of dollars”. I can’t tell the last word, could you please write it down?
    It also says: Draw your gun in the old west (“Sfodera la tua pistola nel vecchio west”) and No forgiveness (“Senza perdono”).
    Nice find, by the way.

  6. We’ve got an avi clip of (I think, it’s been a while) Serpentor giving the rousing cry of ‘Cobra-la-la-la-la-la-la!’ (er, number of ‘la’s not covered by my auditory subitizing skills.) It’s so beautiful. I’ll have to upload it.

  7. I somehow completely forgot that you were the one who wrote the ‘puppy spores’ Joe review. Memory kept falsely crediting it to Stomp Tokyo.

  8. Whenever I happen to find a good deal on a rare game it’s when I am just looking, then when I go back later to buy it when I have cash it’s gone.

  9. Launching seeds into space sounds like a line. They are probably launching spy satellites. Maybe even to spy on their own people (I just got beat up at the dentist, so I may be paranoid)

  10. I know we’ve outgrown the Wikipedia fever, but I just had to say Bulbasaur made Today’s Featured Article. There. Said it.

  11. Growing plants in space. Isn’t that how the Monster Minds in Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors came to be? China has doomed us all!

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