Hey, guys, sorry about that ZX review-ish thing I posted the other day. It could well be the worst thing I’ve ever written. I was kind of hoping that slapping together a completely irreponsible bit of free-association would jumpstart my enthusiasm for writing about videogames in general, but no luck. Aside from self-indulgent forays into things forgotten, game writing still seems about as appealing as being suffocated to death by having a dead fish stuffed down my throat, and I’ve managed to embarrass myself. Oops.

Here is a summary, in far briefer and more informative terms: best Mega Man game in ages, reminiscent in many ways of Legends’ structure and overall dynamic, but with Zero’s gameplay and classic Mega Man’s spirit. Hooray for its excellent balance, and you are personally accountable for the fact that this game arrived 15 years too late. The end.

On the plus side, my growing professional ennui should find a lovely outlet if I ever manage to knock the rust off my drawing hand and get back into comicking. To that end, I’ve put together a new presentation format for Gamespite. I have plans.

Of course, plans aren’t worth much without the discipline to give them life, so I doubt anything will ever come of it all. But what would life be without fruitless ambitions?

20 thoughts on “Redactyl

  1. I actually enjoyed your XZ reviews, both of them. Still… if the gushing and ranting of the one here didn’t fulfill you, your furstration is understandable.

    You could always bring back the onion and write something that isn’t game related to cleanse the pallete.

  2. I’m still waiting for an Onion wrap-up as well. Also: I’m so getting a DS in order to play ZX.

  3. I guess its kinda stupid to say now, but your “review” made me decide I was going to buy ZX. Guess I have bad taste.

  4. No bad taste in wanting ZX. It was just a very, very poorly written article.
    Also, I’m the writing equivalent of a method actor and I have to be in the proper mood to write something. To continue Onion I’d have to be in a much darker mood than I am at the moment.

  5. It has occurred to me recently that the reason you’re probably so dissapointed with gaming journalism is because of the entire nature of it. The writers fill roles much more in line with film critics, than traditional journalists. Gamers look to sites like this for two things, first is to hear what’s probalby going to be next year’s hot item, and second is to read reviews of critics bitching about games.
    This is all just theory, but I believe it’s not too far from the truth. You’ll very rarely see an article that isn’t a preview of something new, a criticism of some game, or a pining for the great games of yore. Maybe you should find some way to try and elevate the discussion of gaming in general?

  6. Actually, you’re kind of endearing when you’re helplessly over-enthusiastic.

    I’ll stop commenting now, just in case it was my last remark which depressed you.

  7. Since I did not actually see your comment until I had already deleted the article, it is not an issue.
    Also, that attempt at psychoanalysis… well, you could hurt yourself if you keep straining like that.

  8. Fruitless ambitions have been fueling this site all these years, and people haven’t stopped coming. Just think of what would happen if you actually followed through on some of this stuff.

  9. I don’t know about you, but whenever I fall out of cartooning, it takes way too long to get back into it. It’s a sort of artistic inertia, and I can’t say I much like it.

    I’m going to have to pick up ZX. I’ve torn through Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance this week, and could use a new game. So, despite the quality of the review, it convinced me to pick up the game. Granted, it’s not hard to convince me to pick up a good Mega Man game.

  10. “To continue Onion I’d have to be in a much darker mood than I am at the moment.”

    When is that new Superman game coming out?

  11. I think your “review” gave me cancer. Jerk.

    Hey, so maybe Akemi and I will see you soon! This extra-long weekend will be fun.

  12. “When is that new Superman game coming out?”

    It seemed to me Sharkey was the guy assigned to taking crap games to task. However, there is a DS version of it scheduled to Jer might be stuck with that one.

  13. I honestly didn’t think the ZX review was all that bad of writing. It was you saying why you liked it, and again like many here I’m a bit more interested in the game now that I’ve heard what it has to offer. You going to revisit the review/gush and republish it?

  14. If you decide to quit your job, can I have it?

    I mean, I’m sure it would eventually crush my soul too, but I’m guessing it would take longer to do it than my current job.

  15. “Also, that attempt at psychoanalysis… well, you could hurt yourself if you keep straining like that.”

    If knowing what you’re talking about were a prerequisite for psychoanalysm, there wouldn’t be any psychoanalysts. Oh, zing on you, psychoanalysts. The gloves are off.

  16. I’m glad to have read that review before its demise. Now I’m actually interested in Megaman ZX, which is a feat after the Zero series. Even when the last Megaman game I enjoyed was X6, and when I’ve never even given the Legends series a try. Yeah, that should render my positive remark on the review moot.

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