24 thoughts on “Sketchblog — July 3

  1. NoKidding, it’s a Star Wars joke. Wookie, cookie.

    It took me several minutes to realize it. I fail.

  2. Also, the “Chewie” varieties.
    I love it. That’s just all kinds of hilarious.

  3. It took me a bit of time to figure this one out. Then I went “hah.” Then I went “Wait, what the heck is wrong with Jeremy Parish?”

  4. You haven’t seen anything yet. Next up is the McCraene, a large, long-necked bird with extrasensory perception.

  5. The “Mwaaugh!” kills me.

    …but can you make an obscure Golgo 13 snack reference?

  6. You could’ve gotten it to rhyme with “Ewok,” though.
    If you tried really hard, maybe.

  7. No word in any language should suffer the pain of rhyming with “Ewok”. That much I know.

  8. W is for Wookie, it good enough for me!
    W is for Wookie, it good enough for me!

  9. great. now i’m picturing a group of very large samoans dressed as girl scouts sitting in a box.

  10. I’m glad you didn’t draw nookie. Glad you didn’t/wish, same difference.

  11. When it comes to girl scout cookies I (like most people) prefer thin mints (with the peanut butter sandwich cremes coming second and the short bread coming third). Great, now I’m hungry and it’s like 2 AM and I have to go back to work tomorrow…

  12. I hate mint and chocolate – it’s by far the worst combination of food items.

    I prefer samoans (the cookie)

  13. That sits firmly in the “so stupid, yet so funny” category.

    The real question, though, is where do you keep your Cookiees? In a Jar Jar?

  14. All this does is remind me of Hardware Wars (a crusty old spoof of SW) because it had Chewbacca the Wookiee monster. And Chewbacca was a brown cookie monster puppet

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