Work is for the weak

Milon’s Secret Castle Party at my desk! Bring some chips or drinks or something and together we’ll try to figure out which random, arbitrarily-placed blocks to shoot.

18 thoughts on “Work is for the weak

  1. Incidentally, the shopkeepers from Milon’s Secret Castle love to party with the townsfolk from Simon’s Quest. They go long into the morning hours telling each other to SHOUT IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH and that THERE IS ONLY ONE MAHARITO.

  2. Hush. There is nothing more fun than writing reviews for 1up. NOTHING. It is the perfect fusion of gaming indulgence and intellectual nirvana.

    Say it with me now: ohmmmmmmmmm

  3. And you’re playing an NES game with a Genesis controller through the wonders of emulation?

  4. Circle of life, and the fact that when I play this via cartridge I want to kill something. The Milon’s Secret Castle team, for instance. (And technically, that’s a Saturn-style controller.)

  5. “together we’ll try to figure out which random, arbitrarily-placed blocks to shoot” No thanks. I have other, less frustrating things to do. Like repeatedly slam my fingers in a door.

  6. So I take it that you’re going through and writing up an entry for each of the games on your Metroidvania list in order?

    Better watch what you say though, lest you be out a job. * shifts eyes *

  7. I remember reading somewhere that this game was a million-seller in Japan, and the original Metroid was much less loved. I still can’t wrap my head around that. But thanks to this post that stupid well theme is going to be stuck in my head all night. *sigh*

  8. I’m pretty sure that Milon, like Tower of Druaga, benefitted from being one of the very first third-party Famicom games and thus racked up insane sales due to the lack of other available content as devs were caught flat-footed by the system’s burgeoning popularity. Also, the USB pad is a dream under OS X — I’ve used it for both Nestopia and ZSNES without a complaint.

  9. Toasty: Good to hear. I’ve wanted to order one for a while now, but I wasn’t sure if it would work with Tiger.

  10. You mean those ads in the magazines in 1989 for MSC didn’t make you appreciate it?
    “Over 3/4 million sold in Japan.” And in addition to that a 9-year old from California “[owns] 40 games and this is the toughest”. But you should appreciate the graphics, because a designer from California testified “The graphics are better than anything else”

  11. I think my Grandmother read that ad too, because I asked for “Ninja Gaiden” and got Milon instead. It’s a wonder I ever talked to her after that…

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