BONUS UPDATE: Gyakuten Ayn Rand

Inspired by the recent Neil Peart search string. By an odd coincidence, I had a little extra money after my last paycheck and used it to pick up Rush’s (somewhat) recent DVD box sets yesterday. See, I do this thing where once every year or two I think, huh, maybe I should see if any bands I like have released anything recently; turns out Rush has. I don’t really care all that much about DVDs, honestly, but since the sets include live bonus CDs and cost about the same as a stand-alone live set would, it was hard to say no — Rush is pretty limp-sounding in the studio, but they’re impressive performers, and it’s nice to hear music from the Grace Under Pressure era performed with real instruments. Plus the Pressure tour live CD has the entire Fear Trilogy performed back-to-back. It almost takes me back to high school, except that I’m no longer delusional enough to believe that just because I enjoy music it’s actually any good.

10 thoughts on “BONUS UPDATE: Gyakuten Ayn Rand

  1. Is Rush an early 90’s band I don’t know? Keep in mind I was raised in Mexico, listening to ghastly, spanish-singing, New Kids on the Block knock-offs. I’m better now, thanks for asking.

  2. Rush is a prog trio that’s been around since the mid ’70s. If you’ve ever seen that one screechy singer with an uncanny resemblance to a harpy, that would be dear old Geddy Lee. Plus I’m sure you’ve heard songs like ‘Tom Sawyer’ here and there throughout your life without realizing it, and not just on Futurama.

    I took a quick look at Rush’s official website just now, for the hell of it. They’ve still got that one naked guy plastered all over their pages, bless ’em.

  3. These couple entries inspired me to do a search on Rush’s Rand-ian leanings. My mom scoffed when she looked at the screen, apparently because anything having to do with rock music does not make for insightful reading.

  4. I can honestly say that Rush is one of my least favorite bands ever, but I see I’m a minority here. Something about their music just doesn’t “click” with me, maybe its ’cause I’m a product of the 80’s when hair bands were king.

  5. I guess if you have your Shuffle on random and a lot of music on it then that song would be elusive. Contacting you in your (un)healthy solipsitude. Or is it ToastyFrog who’s a solipsist? I often confuse the creator with the creation.

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