Worst Ending #1

So I drew a comic, preying upon the eternal fear that the weird waves emitted from cell phones cause sterility. I’m willing to believe it — a cell phone can make a computer flake out just by sitting there waiting for a call, and I’m pretty sure that our essential human plumbing is a lot more delicate than your average Dell.

The comic’s unfortunately kind of a disaster, since I drew it oekaki style (hoping it would speed things up) but was compelled to shade it properly. This caused it to take nearly as long to draw as a normal comic — plus the sketchy style inflated the file size so much I had to scale it down pretty painfully.

Don’t worry too much about the “#1” at the end of the title. I don’t intend to turn Worst Ending into a series, I’m just leaving my options open.

28 thoughts on “Worst Ending #1

  1. When I read this, I immediately had a mental image of Julius getting random calls to USE COOLANT ON FIRE and OH SHIT, CLAYMORES AHEAD.

  2. Julius should speak to Roast Beef he would have many things to say about cell phones being near your peter

  3. Oh, I remember Bad Ending from Aria. I just thought Soma became eeevil or something at the end of Dawn. I never did trust that handsome prettyboy.

  4. Parish: Not that I’m trying to pressure you or anything, but frankly, whether this becomes a series or not, I do believe I laughed massively at this.
    Then I freaked out because I realized that I have a habit of letting my phone sit in my lap when I know I’m going to have an incoming call. Well, I guess that’s one less freaky chap who’ll breed, eh?

  5. Has someone alerted congress and the FCC over the exposed boob in the first panel yet?

  6. This is independent artsy stuff. They have no jurisdiction over Parish and his pornography. Or his site.

  7. I never noticed the “exposed boob” until Moran pointed it out. I guess because I never expect Jeremy to draw anything like that. (Not that he couldn’t, just that he prefers not to…)

  8. Well, seeing as how it’s part of the enemy design of a succubus I don’t really see the slightest of conflicts. At least I think it’s a succubus.

  9. It better be insane fear and not fact about those cell phones, otherwise games in the future just won’t be localized.

  10. I guess this sort of stems back to what we were talking about at E3 … that is, game characters who piss and moan about “ending their bloodline”, but can’t seem to stop mating.

  11. I tried about three different methods to avoid nipple visibility, but they all looked stupid so I finally just said the hell with it. Nipples: we’ve all got ’em, and they’re not actually that big a deal.
    And if you’re not sure why Dracula would be wearing white and light blue, please, please play Aria and Dawn of Sorrow. It’ll be the nicest thing you’ve done for yourself all year.

  12. I can vouch for that! I’ve been playing Dawn of Sorrow all week, I LOVE IT TO DEATH. It single-handedly revived my interest in the game series.

  13. As stupid as this question will sound, looking at that again: what does the street address say? Because I keep reading it as “666 Wailing Bonus”.

  14. It’s supposed to be “666 Wailing Way, Walachiya, Romania,” which seems as good an address for the castle as any.

  15. That second panel with the lightbulb reminds me of Death Note for some reason…

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