It’s a nice day for a white protest

San Francisco never seems to disappoint. What could have been a boring Monday was instantly enlived the moment I stepped out of the subway and found myself in the thick of a protest march. I guess some people are angry about immigration laws, or something. I don’t know, as I didn’t actually stick around long enough to find out. Thousands of people banging drums and dressed as rastafarian clowns (read: Bozo with dreds) flanked by what appeared to be the entirety of the SFPD in full riot gear helped me reach the conclusion that the cacaphony was best appreciated from a distance. Like, a block away and eight stories up.

What made it indigenously San Francisco, of course, is that I could hear the march as I climbed out of the subway, but the first thing I saw was good ol’ Frank Chu, tromping along with his usual 12 Galaxies sign. He wasn’t protesting the same thing as everyone else, I’m sure. He just loves having company for his perpetual struggle against the Man, or… whatever it is he’s struggling against. Fight the power, Frank. Assuming that’s what you’re fighting.

Also, I tallied up my game collection over the weekend and determined that I own way, way too many games. I’m not even hoarding… they just seem to accumulate. So I think it’s time for a weeding. Anyone need about 180 random, unneeded games for pretty much every system under the sun? The Lynx stuff alone is priceless.

No, wait, sorry. I meant “worthless.”

23 thoughts on “It’s a nice day for a white protest

  1. Hm, I’m quite a ways from downtown but I’m sure our (Phoenix’s) protests are entertaining too…though not nearly as much so as SF’s, I’m sure.

  2. Name some games. I’m always up for ganking exposing myself to crap under-accepted classics.

  3. …hmm. I should have scrolled down to see the “all html aside from bold/italics will be removed”.

    I seem a little more schizophrenic now without the “clever” strikethrough there.

  4. My office is 2 blocks from the capitol here in Sacramento. On my daily lunch walk I got to see a fist fight, twenty year old women holding “don’t hate me because I’m brown” signs, and guys with Corona shirts proudly declaring “we aren’t aliens, we’re hardworking human beings.” Several major streets are blocked off for the fun.

    It’s quite a scene; we’re not used to these things here in the valley.

  5. If I hear one more person say “Just because I’m not a citizen doesn’t mean I don’t deserve all the rights Americans pay taxes to enjoy,” I’m moving to Japan.

  6. Another mass Toasty Ebay market seems in order, methinks. Assuming you wanna deal with the hassle of shippin’ stuff.

  7. I just wanted to apologize for the literal interpretation of SMB4 thing. I get bored here on breaks at work some times and quick image research is an easy way to alleviate that.
    Also, if any of these random games are Super Famicom ones, I’m interested.

  8. Could it be for May Day? Always lots of demonstrations in Europe for that.

  9. Man I hope I can get out of the city on bus today. Jeez, it’s kind of getting out of hand lately…

  10. eBay mailing is a pain in the butt, so I’m looking to sell in bulk. That said, a bunch of these games are Super Famicom… sans boxes. I guess I’ll post a list when I have time.

  11. Lynx games…I might actually be interested. Seriously. I got a Lynx not that long ago for some odd reason! But I’m also looking to beef up my Super Fami collection.

  12. Tomm, I make that same argument all the time. Why do I live in a country plagued with dummies? I’m Mexican (living in Mexico), in case the “Juan” part isn’t enough. Actually, my name isn’t Juan, it is Antonio. Go figure. ANYWAY, I’d like to see that list. Not that I’d be able to buy anything; I just want to see it (and perhaps point’n’laff at Parish).

  13. did I mention that Frank sat right next to me on a crowded bus a couple of weeks ago. I was like “oh shit, oh shit it’s THAT GUY”… Now I truly feel a part of this city.

  14. Frank Chu aka Walter Joseph Kovacs. Also, wow Parish, a Billy Idol reference?!

  15. Yeah, I was going to make a Walter Kovacks comparison, but I can’t imagine what Frank’s costumed alter-ego would be. Also, he doesn’t reek of cologne.

  16. Is Frank Chu a pokemon? He could easily be pokemonized with that name… A failed Pikachu evolution where all that additional electrical energy short circuited his brain.

  17. Is the extra “for” in the post’s title part of a refrence I’m not getting, or is it a typo?

  18. Actually, folks, lots of illegal immigrants DO pay taxes – many of them have fake SS numbers, etc., and have jobs with actual factual paychecks. Of course, they never actually get to *collect* on the benefits that they pay into the SS system. Some of them have even served in the military in Iraq – and gotten killed. It’s been estimated that one out of every ten US soldiers killed in iraq is foreign-born, according to the National Center for Immigration Law. An estimated five percent of those serving in our military are illegal immigrants. And the first soldier to die for the United States in the current war in Iraq was Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. Not to mention the extent that undocumented workers have become an integral part of our economy…

    Uh… now I’ve gotten all heavy… Videogames rule! yeah!

  19. The only thing that bothers me about all this…

    I forgot my ebay password, so I can’t bid on anything.

    Actually, the whole immigration issue is huge too, but I’ll save that for another place…

  20. I lay claim to any and all Vectrex titles. I think I already have all the good Lynx stuff, which is to say Rampart and Klax. Oh, and STUN Runner, of course.

    As for protests…meh. Philadelphians are so bitchy it’s really hard to tell when it’s an actual protest or just Tuesday, you know?

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