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So I guess now that my DS Lite is finally in hand, I should really update my Friend Codes. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Mario Kart DS: 0473-1280-7788
  • Tetris DS: 3595-2100-5993
  • Metroid Prime Hunters: 4209-7496-2722

You’ll notice a lack of Animal Crossing on that list. This is by design; after playing an hour each day for six weeks, I swore off the game in an effort to reclaim my life. No MMO will ever claim me, even if it’s disguised as a flower-growing simulator.

Anyway, I’m sort of buried beneath work at the moment, gurgling in despair at the crushing load of my full-time work, plus writing a good half of the next issue of Pocket Games, plus producing an ungodly number of FFXII previews (still)… and then there’s the 1UP cover story on its way soon, the bulk of responsibility for which has been dumped in my lap. I know, whine whine whine. The point is: once all of that is out of the way, I’m totally going to start demanding you people play Mario Kart and Tetris with me. The Lite has an effect similar to that of the GB Micro in that it makes you appreciate just how nice older games really looked despite the weak screen technology of the original hardware, thus kindling a desire to re-experience those games anew. Of course, before I can hop online against people I know I’ll need everyone to share their friend codes — especially those of you doing the Tango de Lite Upgradio yourselves. So hop to it, kids.

22 thoughts on “Back to Lite

  1. Mario Kart DS: 167 – 563 – 205 – 792
    Tetris DS: 520912 – 213740
    Metroid DS: 2491 – 7567 – 8895

    See you on the track! Or, uh, on the… um, on the retro themed NES board! Or maybe, uh, on the space ship thing. But only if my left arm stops burning.

  2. Jeez, more FFXII previews? Not that I’m complaining, mind, but I hope you enjoy writing about the game as much as you seem to enjoy the game itself.

    Also, it might amuse you to know that my current Clan Rank is “Riskbreakers.” Or not, but I thought it worth mentioning.

  3. I just got my DS lite yesterday. I was rather pleasantly surprised, as I didn’t expect the local used game shop to have them available so soon.
    My friend code for Mariokart: 060 197 680 608
    Unfortunately, I don’t have Tetris or Metroid yet, since the Base Exchange didn’t have them last time I went there.

  4. Tetris DS: 815665-157481

    All I can say is if you want to improve your score – play me.

  5. Ingram. I play on the Snake and Liquid servers.

    No seriously, I’m probably getting Tetris for the flight to Japan, so maybe we can play once I get back and don’t suck.

  6. Oh, Parish, resistance is futile! For example: I swore I would never be trapped by an FPS that used ultra hyped technology, but even a 2D advocate like me…. or more like a technology realist who has both feet on the ground like me, has to admit it’s a wonderful game. I still prefer dungeon crawlers (not roguelikes) that are heavy on the numbers and games that look like paintings though. Reality is overhyped, gameplay is a fantastic excuse to do wonderful art.

  7. And I was talking about Farcry and Chronicles of Riddick in that last post. I worked till 2 A.M. yesterday.

  8. MK: 5283-4624-9441

    no lite conversions here… but about 2 weeks before it was announced I went from a pixel-deadish, audio messing up red ds phat to a nice, japanese, pink, hardware-issue free ds phat… it actually arrived like 2 or 3 days before the ‘surprise!’ lite announcement. yeah… surprise indeed…

  9. Mario Kart: 2663-5410-5711
    No MetPrime or Tetris yet, but I’ll correct one of those today (unless Shadow of the Colossus continues to consume more of my eternal soul^H^H^H time.)

  10. Now with added Tetris flavor!


    Be gentle, I haven’t played Tetris in years (and it shows!) Alas, I decided to try out MetPrime before buying it, so I doubt it’d be much use to give out a friend code spawned from a rental game.

  11. The DS lite is just amazing. I loves mine.

    My codes:
    Mario Kart (004354 471534)
    Tetris DS (520339-452253)

  12. Tetris: 254983-073933
    Mario Kart: 176153-954676

    I feel you on the AC:WW. At some point you have to put down the apples and detox.

  13. After lurking for a year I finally have something to contribute:
    Tetris: 948431-838520
    MKDS: 111731-267907
    MP Hunters: 2620-6055-8028

  14. Thank God Tetris Attack isn’t on wi-fi. I’d be another death by exhaustion case:

    Tetris: 403489-483214

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