Fuh huh

I could swear I was going to write about something here today, but I forgot what it was when my mind was blown by the revelation that my DS Lite has shipped. No more coveting the office system and borrowing EGM’s sadly-manhandled old-school DS in order to get my portable gaming fix for me, thanks.

Significantly, it will be arriving just in time for the import of Xenosaga Episode I & II. This is known as a baptism by fire.

Also, 1UP launched a new spin-off site today: GameVideos. I would like to think the name is fairly self-explanatory. The design is broken in a few places and its performance under Safari could charitably be classified as “glacial,” but I think it should shape up nicely over time. I mean, compare 1UP as it is now versus its state when we first did the relaunch in the summer of 2004; there’s just no comparison. You can actually use the site now, for starters.

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  1. I was going to reply here today, but I

    nevermind, that’s not funny at all. DS Lite–good for you.

  2. GV looks pretty good from my view. Looks good as long as the user-submitted section doesn’t fill up with those fan-made game review shows that UK Resistance keeps posting about.

  3. Best quote from the article: “I think a lot of people are ripping content and sticking it onto the device rather than purchasing,” he said.

  4. wait, so people aren’t watching movies on their psp anymore? have people officially started using it for games, or has it now become a fat iPod?

  5. Hey, the PSP will be a very hard to collect for portable system. Like the Lynx or the more likely like the Game Gear. There will be thousands of classic gamers collecting hardware and software. And, well, what a nice classic “collector” system the PSP turned out to be! I can just imagine the retrogaming boards 10 years from now: “IT WAS BETTER THAN THE DS, YOU WERE ALL NINTENDO FANBOYS WHO COULDN’T SEE BEYOND THE STYLUS!”, yeah, right. Funny true story: A woman called me a t work and her name was: Diane Brandsteter. I was dying to ask her if she had a brother or a cousin by the name of Johnathan Bransteter (Johnny Turbo). I could hardly contain my laughter, but I was able to talk with her professionaly enough to remain, well, professional and not give away my devotion to The Sardius Experience. Thank you Danny Cowan Jr., now if someone calls and his or her last name is Ancona, I don´t know what I will do.

  6. In ten years, boards will be a thing of the past. Internet won’t be popular, either.

  7. Hey this comments page has my name on it! ATP: If someone named Ancona calls, the proper procedure is to 1) ask if they have a relative named Tony then (if they reply with an affirmative) 2) ask if Tony is gay. Contact me immediately if you get a yes to both.
    Also I am very addicted to homemade videogame review shows and need more. Anyone have a not-dead link to Gamelife by the way?

  8. Juan: I’m guessing by then, we’ll be communicating with the chips installed in our brains.

  9. My only probelm with 1UP’s site design is that numerous articles seem to disappear into the ether once they’re pushed off the front page, absent from even the appropriate indexes.

  10. I found it more amusing that they said that the PSP “is a game player, period.”

    First time I’ve ever heard that.

    I’m really curious about a DS Lite, even though I already own a DS. Keep hearing so much about it… I’m most curious about comfort. Is it more like holding an NES controller? The lower edges of the DS now seem a little uncomfortable sometimes…

    Hope GameVideos won’t be lacking in things as 1UP is; 1UP is usable, if you can find what you need.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  11. I feel terrible. When I saw “Johnny Turbo” I accidentally thought of Johnny Arcade, the dopey Acclaim shill from the 90’s who hosted some 30 minute long weekday morning nintendo commercial and NOT the portly Turbografx Silent Bob wannabe. I have brought much shame upon my family.

  12. I’ll take this opportunity to once again tell the story about how that PS9 commercial (for the PS2) caused people to ACTUALLY WALK INTO MY EB AND ASK FOR THE PS9, WHEN IT CAME OUT, AND HOW MUCH IT WAS.

    I must stress that I am not joking. So next time you think of something like “brain chips” or “PS7” I want you to shoot your neighbor in the face. And don’t stop until he isn’t stupid anymore.

  13. “When I got to work this morning, my boss was watching a Metroid Zero Mission speed run on Game Videos.”

    I did the exact same thing at work today. Without sound, because I’m not a boss myself and therefore had to at least keep up the appearance of working. I have to say, although I do like the site, it’s really hard to find the videos you want. If there’s a way to find videos by game, (besides using the search, which is cumbersome at best) I haven’t discovered it.

  14. Metroid Fusion was better anyways. Oldschool fanboys don’t eat me! Metroid 3 > all!
    Anyways, DS lite = cool, I’ll buy one when there’s a kicking special edition (Super Famicom, I hope!) However, Xenosaga was the most painful RPG experience I can remember, barely beating out FF8. While I like the idea of sprite RPGs 10x more, wow those screenshots look bland and boring… I weep for your soul, mr Parish.

  15. Actually, I would blame Microsoft for the Chip Wars of 2012, not Sony. The Chip thing will be part of the X-Box 1080^3, allowing broadmind surfing. Sony will counter-launch will consist on fusing its prodigal son, Betamax, with its current vapoware thingy. Oddly enough, the result will be a very much real Optimus Prime. A derranged, misanthropous Optmus Prime. Think Ultron.

  16. Damn, that’s a horrible post. “Sony’s counter-launch will” and “vaporware”.

  17. In the meantime, a maniacal Nintendo president will claim individuality, and we’ll have videogames built out of tactile fabric we interact with. During this time, Satoru Iwata will ride across the globe in a chariot of fire, proclaiming doomsday.

    It is during this time that we will discover that he was, in fact, a robot.

  18. “Metroid Fusion was better anyways. Oldschool fanboys don’t eat me! Metroid 3 > all!”

    ZM was pretty lame. I would have liked the option to play the NES Metroid with an auto-map, not that botched remake. I’d rank the series SM > MP > MF > MP2 > M1 > M2.

    The Lite shall be mine, in any case.

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