I have become death, the destroyer of rational discussion

Man, I go away for a long weekend and the site gets hit by the short bus.

I’m not sure how a generally positive post about a new Zelda game turned into a 60-car pile-up of frothing verbal slapfights of the sort normally reserved for GameFAQs, but let’s put this ugliness behind us. Or seriously I’ll come to your house and hit you. Yes, you.

I reposted a bunch of old content this weekend. It’s in dire need of editing and formatting, but at least the games section is pretty much fleshed out now. So now you can have a 60-comment thread arguing about things I wrote 5 years ago and generally regret.

(Honestly, the only articles that are still even vaguely interesting are the Animal Crossing/Kingdom Hearts screed, the Mario Kart making-of and the incredibly hateful Xenosaga review. Which I could never recreate, not now that I’m all medicated. Yay rainbows.)

15 thoughts on “I have become death, the destroyer of rational discussion

  1. Uhm, hi
    Just wanted to let you know that your blog gives me a “Spam is not appreciated” everytime I follow a link from my bloglines account to one of your posts.

  2. It’s funny, a couple of days ago, I looked at the comment link to the previous post. It said “60 comments,” and I thought, you know, I’m betting I won’t see anything to my advantage under there.


  3. especially when you consider that you couldn’t go from your 1up.com page to toastyfrog.com

  4. Just looking back at your old AC article:
    “Of course, if AC were online, Nintendo could cement its nefarious evil by hovering Big Brother-like over every transaction and exchange and correspondence. So perhaps it’s best we remain fettered by outdated technology.”
    Any thoughts, looking back from the online Wild World?

    P.S. That last post was pretty terrifying. What with the comments and all.

  5. Hey, you know Jeremiah, you could start a cottage industry, selling pain over the internet for a price. I mean, that’s pretty much what you’ve been doing so far, except your work has been free and the pain has been merely emotional, but I’m sure there are geeks out there who would love to get beaten up by someone who sold out to The Man like you did. It would be more street cred than being Tim Rogers, times a hundred.

  6. I just had a dream where Parish finds some shades that allow him to see people who are actualy aliens who control the media and also our minds and our behavior and they are trying to lead us to self destruction to take over the planet. Then Parish dies after destroying the device that makes us see the brainwashing aliens as regular humans and saves the world. Even though, in my vision, Parish looks like “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and said things like “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum”. And I think there also was Burgess Meredith in it. It was awesome. Anyway, all I remember about the entry previous to this one is something about 4D being the gateway to the fifth dimension or 5D. Also, Pinball of the Dead is awesome.

  7. Reprints of old material is always good. It’s just too bad the graphic element is gone. Although it never consisted of more than a single image, it made each feature rather tastier.

  8. :D xenosaga review, classic.

    Even more so now that my brother has gotten me a copy of xenogears for my birthday, and I now must actually play it through

  9. Xenogears is worth playing. It’s a fuckup, but it’s a glorious fuckup. That game fucks up for the motherfucking fences. Xenosaga is a sad, sloppy, distressingly pedestrian fuckup by comparison.

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