Gamespite #5

Working in the videogame press is not a career choice that commands respect, and I say this without a lick of self-pity (because, you know, getting paid for playing Katamari all day or whatever is hard to complain about). Gamers generally regard magazines and websites as a necessary evil, since they have all the big scoops on game releases and can offer at least a general sense of a game’s quality through reviews. Developers generally regard magazines and websites as parasites, making a living off of other people’s work (frequently belitting it in the process).

In fact, I believe the only people who like the gaming press are advertisers. So you may hate me, but Nuvaring thinks I’m completely awesome.

Anyway, it’s not at all uncommon for a single review (or even a single injudicious comment in a blog) to spoil a publication’s relationship with a publisher or developer. That’s why people who refuse to fall in line with their publication’s prevailing editorial mindset are taken behind the building and beaten on a regular basis. You should check out my scars sometime.

20 thoughts on “Gamespite #5

  1. Suffice it to say, I don’t get it, just coming in and reading it without looking at previous entries. Nevertheless, I wanted to comment on the “censored” swearing: the exclamation point makes it seem like there’s two sentences, “Hey, ****!” and “You guys.” Which didn’t make sense until thinking it through and linking the sentences together.

  2. Well, your name (or an alias), $%#! you. You need to read the rest to get to know our darling Igor! Or maybe, just maybe… Could this really be someone whose last name starts with Parish trying to see who comes to the comic’s defense?

  3. You should know better than that. When I rip on my own work I’m completely upfront about it.

    Plus, I don’t think in terms of “crazy person,” so criticizing a comic strip for its own internal continuity would never have occured to me.

  4. It works as a standalone strip, because the joke is that everyone one knows where the blame lies and then that he’s unrepentant about it. You’re thinking too hard. :)

  5. Well, I get it now. It wasn’t criticism though, just an observation. I don’t think I’m supposed to be here, so never mind.

  6. I like the looks of these characters so far, especially the boss. I didn’t notice the piercings until today.
    I find this one funnier than the one where he banged the cosplayer, oddly. Do I need recalibrating?

  7. I’d say that I’ve never drawn my boss in opposite gender, but then I’d be lying.

  8. “I don’t think I’m supposed to be here, so never mind.”

    You’re wrong. We’re all supposed to be here. You belong.

  9. The comic is awesome. Plus, Parish pretty much always does whatever the hell he wants wether we like it or not. For example, I came here for the progrock. But does Parish like to talk about that? Maybe, but not much. He prefers videogames. And he kinda got me to play those things again. So, if Parish wants to talk about how cool Power Rangers and the Banana Splits are, well, he can pretty much do it. I don’t see him giving a shit about wether we like it or not. Has anybody ever seen Toastyfrog banners anywhere? The only people who link to this website are Parish’s Internet friends, like Sharkey and Thor Antrim. And they do it out of friendship, or pitty.

  10. It’s has less to do with friendship than with those incriminating photos I have.
    And no one belongs here. Not even me.

  11. This may seem weird, but seeing $#%! actually seems to make the joke funnier than seeing the word “fuck”. WHich can be hillarious if used properly.

  12. Swearing in LEET might constitute a sort of geek-selective censoring, but it would also mean, well… typing in LEETspeak.

  13. Swearing in characters isn’t LEET. It existed prior to the internet. At ant rate, I now expect each and every one of those staff members to be slowly revealed over the prolonged life of this comic. I’d laugh at Parish for having those expectations to meet, if he hadn’t already laughed at his own defying of expectations so many times. I claim the girl on the front left.

  14. I didn’t really mean to say the old Beetle Bailey dingbats were the same thing as leet-speak. I was just sort of thinking aloud that it’d come off as about the same kind of #^&*ing jibberish to someone who wasn’t into it. Kind of how kids shows will toss in jokes or references that might go over little kids’ heads, maybe to appeal to parents sitting through it. I dunno.
    I used to always think that the #@*%! marks were supposed to stand in for certain letters, and that if I could crack the code, the sunday paper would become a trove of gleeful barely-concealed swearing. But then again, weren’t we all 8 once?

  15. It’s like looking in a mirror, except…nope, just like looking in a mirror.

    Although I would never wear a sweater vest.


  16. Hey who’s that guy on the right whose face is covered by that other dude’s right arm and why is the bosslady capable of shrinking her limbs oh man that is freaky I sure would like to know how to make my hands dissappear like that and what is up with the girl on the right and why does she have that Velma thing going on dude I’d like to know how everyone got to be there like a Gamespite: Secret Origins featuring an prologue written by the Watcher and a retelling of how Igor once punched Galactus in the crotch and saved the world because of it and it turns out Igor was just trying to steal the Ultimate Nullifier and use it against Akira Toriyama but he oh so miserably failed and then he quit his vigilante career and by sheer coincidence ended up in the videogame job.

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