Falling action

I was hoping to wrap up the thrilling saga of Peach and Igor today, but I got a little bit sidetracked mucking around with Mega Man Powered Up’s level editor and ended up staying awake far too late doing nothing constructive. Well, technically, it was very constructive, but in a real-life sense of the word it was kind of sad.

I do, however, have shockingly accurate versions of Castlevania levels remade as Mega Man stages available for download, for whenever you get your own hands on the game. Hopefully prerelease save files work with the final game or I will be a sad puppy indeed.

Next up: Levels three through six. Er, I mean… more comics.

6 thoughts on “Falling action

  1. Care to explain how such a download might occur, Mr. Parish? What is the system for transfering these wonderful files?

  2. Mega Man Powered Up looks like a Sega Genesis game. Maybe, like how a 2D Sega Saturn game might have looked. Graphicaly, it reminds me of this rom I played once, Magical Troll Adventure or something like that. And that means it looks awesome.

  3. Damn. Your comments on Hunters and Powered Up make me wish I could get past the blogs on 1UP.

  4. They actually did have a Mega Man remake for the Genesis (actually, it was a remake of the first three games, plus a few extra levels.) I think it was only distributed through that Sega Channel service they had a while back, though.

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