15 thoughts on “Gamespite #3

  1. She’s going to run him down in the parking lot with her Go-Kart. Or, failing that, he’ll be kept awake all night in fear of being skewered with a parasol and/or golf club.

  2. Somehow it seems like it’s headed towards a Christmas Carol-style parody. . . maybe it’s just me.

  3. one place you’re certainly not going with this is the writing booth for the zine. >:
    (dammit, i suck at pretending to be outraged)

  4. Me: Hello, I’d like to book some of your Cosplay Army members for my upcoming convention.
    Samantha: Excellent, what can we do for you?
    Me: Well, for the upcoming JumpOnMushroomCon, we could really use Mario, Yoshi, and Peach.
    Samantha: Mario, Yoshi, got it, oh, but I’m sorry, there’s a problem with scheduling.
    Me: What do you mean?
    Samantha: I’m sorry, but our Princess is in another cosplay!

  5. “Why do I get the creepy feeling “Princess Peach” is actually a guy?”
    It’s a cosplayer, OF COURSE it’s a guy.

  6. Maybe this is one of those strange psychological things that’s meant to screw with your head like princess peach and this guy are really the same person which makes sense in a way, but doesn’t because its totally out of the context with reality.

  7. I wonder if out of a sudden someone from “UK Assistance” will come to rescue Igor from the clutches of Gamespite’s cosplayer army with a Sega Saturn controler/morning star.

  8. So apparently Rub Rabbits is sold out at EB, but they still have Peach in stock. Which is weird, because blowing on a girl’s leg wound sounds pretty gay to me.

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