In the hunt

Mother 3 media continues to emit from Nintendo in a pitiful trickle, and my fascination with the game and its heart-poundingly obsessive fanbase continues unabated. I’ve been a little too busy over the past week to spend much time SMAAAASHing foes to death with a baseball bat, but rest assured this is but a temporary state of affairs.

Anyway, it looks like…

…Mother 3 won’t be breaking the mold with its battle system. And I’m going to be really disappointed if I can’t dig up fossils or Gyroids from that little starburst patch in the first screenshot. Well then.

I guess while I’m here at Nintendo headquarters to look at Metroid Prime: Hunters, I could maybe ask someone about the likelihood of the Mother 3 seeing an English release. But where the’s fun in that?

P.S., if you’re interested in my random babble about Hunters I’m making use of my work blog for the task.

16 thoughts on “In the hunt

  1. Graphicaly it looks awesome. It’s like the SNES never went away and stuff. Even though I hated the SNES back in the day, I recently fell in love with it thanks to the Tales of Phantasia translation, Wonder Project J and also Star Ocean (Phantasy Star 4, eat your heart out, even if it hurts me). So, is this going to be an SNES game for purchase on the Revolution’s SNES/NES/N64 compatibility/classic games online store thingie?

  2. Swing, batta batta, take a bat to the face!
    Motha f***a, ya sucka, I’ll beat ya like no other!
    From Onett to Threed, doin what I need,
    To save the day and keep Giygas at bay!

  3. I refuse to kow tow to your tyranny! I’m serious, dammit. Really am. Gonna– git angry here. That’s right! Yeah…

  4. I just did, and I think they should have picked the Dark City director for the job instead of the Wachowskis.

  5. You can get V for Vendetta at any Barnes and Noble in the Graphic Novels section. It’s pretty common now that the movie is coming. I read it and it’s pretty awesome and even though you don’t ever get to know who V is, you actualy feel that the novel would have been ruined if his identity was revealed. It’s a great book. I hope the book to movie conversion is at least as good as The Crow was.

  6. Yeah, I don’t think the Wachowskis can make any more claims to being great or revolutionary directors after the second and third Matrix movies.

  7. half of my excitement for this game is that one of the characters may or may not be named “pony”. i can’t tell if it’s a maru or a tenten, and if it’s a tenten, i guess i just lost half my excitement.

  8. I’m pretty sure the dog’s name is “Bonny,” sorry. Probably a reference to William Bonny, given the cowboy theme and Itoi’s love for Americana.

  9. For a sec, I thought V for Vendetta was gonna pull a Fight Club-like ending and give the female lead multiple personalities.

  10. parish, if you’re looking to update your resumé, i think you can safely add “dream crusher” to your list of talents.

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