Gamespite #1 Hating videogames so you don’t have to.

P.S., real Super Princess Peach review here.

They say the world doesn’t need more gaming webcomics. And they’re right! But they also say write what you know. And, unfortunately, what I know is working at a gaming website.

I think you can appreciate my existential quandary.

Of course, the obvious, and correct, solution would be simply not to bother creating a comic after all. But when has a lack of wit, artistic skill or significant contributions to the world ever stopped me? I’d like to promise that being on the inside, such as it is, I can offer a unique insight into the mechanics of the gaming press. Sadly, I suspect I will simply indulge myself in opaque inside jokes. Besides, it would be wrong for me to lampoon my coworkers or to mock the byzantine machinations of the press/publisher PR love-hate relationship. For instance, the angry alcoholic is absolutely not based on anyone I’ve ever worked with, ever. Honest.

Don’t worry, like everything else I do, Gamespite posts will be infrequent and sporadic — certainly not a daily or even weekly event. My advice would be to subscribe to the site’s RSS or LiveJournal feeds and, when you see a Gamespite title appear, avoid visiting the site that day. It’s the only way to be safe.

8 thoughts on “Gamespite #1

  1. right now, it’s essentially the front page of
    Are you going to split the sites at some point, or is this the new version you’ve hinted at before?

  2. “Klandiktu”…?

    Gamespite isn’t supposed to be a separate site or anything, or even a regular feature. It’s a comic that has nothing to do with ToastyFrog, which I can post as the mood strikes me. I just liked the name enough to register it.

  3. It very much reminds me of a website I once came across, game entropy. I read it for a day and it was kinda nifty in that cynical, but swiftly forgot about it. But I did think it had a catchy name. Mabye because I’ve slowly becoming overly cynical about gaming, myself.

    Anyways, that was the first thought I had. And Booo! Yet another gaming webcomic! Bring on the CafePress!

  4. So that I don’t come off as a bit of an ass, I was being sarcastic.
    Keep them coming through your highly disorganized schedule.

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