So, it looks like Google has finally indexed the recently-posted interior pages of my site in revolting depth. I take this to be the case because all of a sudden the referring search strings have very little to do with the name of the site and much more with fascinating topics like “legolas mpreg” and “akane tendo hentai.” Welcome to my website, Internet. Please choke on your own vomit and die.

Although I guess it is a little heartwarming to know that someone out there actually still cares about Ranma 1/2 enough to want to see its characters naked. Thanks for keeping the torch alive, you creepy pedophile.

9 thoughts on “10 CLS – 20 PRINT “HELLO FREAKS” – 30 END

  1. If they really wanted to show their old school cred they could have searched for naked Lum pictures.

  2. Too bad the TV show was absolutely horrible. The manga was a lot of fun though. Even more fun if you get it for free.

  3. Lum pron is surprisingly easier to find than Ranma pron. It might be because doujinshi artists like Lum more than Ranma as much as most Takahashi fans.

  4. Bah, they’re just frontting the oldschool spirit.
    True oldschool fans search for Astro-boy-on-girl action.

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