31 thoughts on “Hippies are the new quail

  1. Humour’s all about timing, right? Well, despite how the future may end up, it’s pretty funny right now. I mean, comon’, how often does the vice-president shoot an old man in the face?

  2. I’m not mad, and I certainly don’t hate The Daily Show. I’m just saying we should be stocking up on body (and, uh, face) armor to protect ourselves once we’re hunted for sport rather than cracking jokes.

  3. I wasn’t aware that a police state meant that protesters could be shot on sight. Should that be the case, then I’m definately going to have to bump my conservative ranking up to “Beligerant Necon” status.

    Let’s see… That’s about 15 levels away from my current ranking: “Guy who belives in small government and enjoys reading John Leo columns” (http://www.usnews.com/usnews/opinion/jleo.htm) Darn. Never mind.

  4. A police state means never having to say you’re sorry for shooting anyone you want. Also, no more pesky trade barriers with China over silly matters like “human rights violations.” Like, who cares about that stuff anyway, you know?

  5. I think the funnier part is that they’re citing Cheney for NOT HAVING A HUNTING LISCENSE. Whether they meant quail or human hunting is open for interpretation, of course.
    Really, who can’t see him hunting down someone a la The Most Dangerous Game?

  6. Having Cheney firing the Quake 2 super-shotgun at the man is a brilliant statement about the hypocrisy of the actual culture of violence surrounding a political group that has long held video games in contempt because they feel it is too violent.

  7. *Gasp!* We must fight back using the most dreadful weapon in our arsenal – the Amphibian Orbital Cannon!

  8. While I certainly am no fan of this administration or any of the scary warrantless surveillance crap, I doubt we’re in THAT much danger of ending up a police state.

    My favorite classic Nintendo reference on the Daily Show still would have to be the arcade Punch-Out! one, especially since it was served a la Colbert.

  9. Why are we surprised? Dick’s killed before in Iraq.

    jp: Dude, where have you been? We’ve been ignoring China’s human rights abuses for over a decade now. We’ll turn the other way if they wipe out Tibet and Taiwan, as long as they finance our homes.

    Constantine: Actually, the Dems are the ones who hate violent games. Joe “I voted for the Iraq war, but don’t like virtual violence” Lieberman and Hillary “My hubby had an affair with oral, but GTA is immoral” Clinton have done more to speak out against the ESRB than against Abu Ghiraid.

  10. The neocons don’t need to protest violent video games. They got Fox News and church groups to do it for them.

    Dems just do it to try and appease to concerened parents groups, who are often stupid enough to believe anything will hurt their kids. Barney and Elmo anyone?

  11. Parish, this is a serious matter! Cheney’s Got a Gun! The World’s come undone! What did he do? What did he put that man through? That man is such a sleeze! Everyone will be on the run! The dog day’s just begun!

    …that might’ve been more original if the Daily Show didn’t do it first.

  12. This comic reminds me of a great story I heard from a friend of my father’s. One day, back when he was working in the Nixon administration, there was some big convocation of hippies in Washington, so he goes up to one of the hippies, grabs it, and in a sincere but not-entirely-well-balanced tone says, “I never forget a face, and when the revolution comes I’m going to be coming straight for you.”

    Good times.

  13. That’s not a shotgun. If you look closely at the hole in its back, you can easily tell that it’s a poorly designed double-barrel bazooka.

  14. Break his arm? Look at his wrist, he’s clearly very bendy, I don’t think he’s going to break.

  15. Congratulations, you’ve made the startling discovery that when I’m sketching quickly in ink while riding the bus, my art is even crappier than usual.

  16. And you, the startling discovery that people on the internet are critical of any and everything! I wasn’t trying to be a jerk about it, it was more directed to people analyzing the specific way he’s holding the gun when it’s really not important. Maybe pointing out “Hey, there’s other stuff screwed up too” wasn’t the best way to go about that though. Sorry.

  17. I’m not sorry. If anything, I think interpreting Parish’s rushed drawing of Mr. Cheney blasting a hippie with a shotgun as a drawing of Mr. Cheney blasting a hippie with a double-barrel bazooka makes his message even stronger. Because, really, Mr. Cheney will kill us all with a double-barrel bazooka eventually.

  18. I think everyone is getting distracted from the real problem here – What about SPACE CHENEY?! What weapons does it use / have?

  19. I had a full-fledged Origin of SPACE CHENEY comic prepared for today but the art turned out to be too far below even my standards for publication. Sorry, maybe someday :(

  20. not to be a stickler for detail
    but if the shotgun was on his shoulder like that
    it may very well break his arm

    Nah, Cheney was using a 28 gauge, firing birdshot. You could probably get more recoil from taking a whizz.

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