From the archives, Pt. 1

Blah blah blah analytical criticism of work blah tinged with despair over how long it takes to create satisfying art blah blah remake of the very first ToastyFrog comic blah blah 1997 blah sucked hard blah mercifully vanished blah blah to be continued. Blah.

13 thoughts on “From the archives, Pt. 1

  1. I thought frogs ate bugs naturally. You’d think that Rorita was kind enough to leave that for him. Or maybe he was unsatisfied that the roach wasn’t fresh enough. (ie Klingon cuisine)

  2. You should always feel sorry for ToastyFrog — he’s the very definition of a tragic character. Despite being a complete mooch. Think Hamlet meets Jeff Lebowski.Also, frogs may eat bugs, but roaches aren’t bugs. They’re tiny instruments of Satan.

  3. Maybe he could put the roach in the soup, turning it into sort of like… BDSM for the mouth.
    …Cripes, why does everything I add to this imply deviancy?

  4. Ink and watercolor wash on watercolor paper. It used to be that my art looked better on screen than on paper, but now it’s the reverse. Neither my scanner nor the JPEG format are friendly to watercolors, it seems.

  5. You might want to be careful about mentioning the Japanese and eating roaches in the same situation, or we’ll get another tasteless joke about their cuisine.

  6. LOL! thats awesome =) Tasteless japanese cuisine is right. there isnt a flavor outside of bland to be found.

  7. What about “salty”?

    Speaking of, there’s a restaurant near the office that puts these weird brownish pickles in their chirashi. It’s like munching soggy roaches, except tastier than I would expect from a tool of Satan that carries nine known diseases.

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