OK, responses to that last entry got pretty weird. Let’s see if I can scroll it off the page with a string empty, vapid entries. Business as usual, in other words.

I finally finished up Firefly over the weekend, along with Serenity. Yeah, that means I didn’t do my nerd duty and see it in the theatre, but somehow I suspect that my $10 wasn’t the make-or-break point for getting a sequel greenlighted. Anyway, I’d rather see a well-crafted series like this end on a good note with a fair degree of closure than be stretched beyond the limits of what its premise and production staff can support. See: X-Files. Besides making me say “Waaaash” while making sad faces, Serenity did a pretty good job of cleaning house without overstaying its welcome. So in honor of this fine series I’m going to strive to be more like Capt. Reynolds from now on (i.e. get a bad haircut and find any little excuse to punch anyone who annoys me).

I’m also a little bit tempted to go back and watch Titan A.E. again, since Firefly’s main creators — Joss Whedon and Ben Edlund — were responsible for that little abomination. If nothing else, it would be a good example of what Whedon and Edlund create under Fox’s strict yoke versus what they create when given more creative latitude. That is, abysmal sci-fi that no one watches versus pretty good sci-fi that no one watches. At least they’re consistent.

16 thoughts on “McPunchington

  1. “So in honor of this fine series I’m going to strive to be more like Capt. Reynolds from now on (i.e. get a bad haircut and find any little excuse to punch anyone who annoys me).”

    So… you’re going to turn into Sharkey?

  2. Well, regarding the weird comments for last entry:

    Someone: So, Yuki, what’s Toastyfrogs story? Why does he live with you?

    Yuki: He travelled the wide open road, the blinkered arcade, in search of another to share in his life.

    Someone: What do you mean?

    Yuki: Well…

    (Toastyfrog abruptly interrupts)

    Toasty: I am the assassin, with tongue forged from eloquence, I am the assassin, providing your nemesis on the sacrificial altar to success, my friend. Unleash a stranger from a kiss, my friend. No incantations of remorse, my friend. Unsheathe the blade within the voice, my friend.

  3. I enjoyed Titan A.E., but then again, I got to see it in the comfort of my own home with 6 other friends, and I’ve found that even a really really bad movie can be made better when you watch it with a lot of people.

  4. It was mediocre, but didn’t match you level of depression I expect from a Don Bluth film. However, knowing that both Don Bluth AND the Serenity creators worked on it makes me depressed enough to make up for it.

  5. You do realize that this post calls exclusive attention to the comments for the last post, thus leading people who wouldn’t otherwise read it to click and read, thus defeating the purpose of trying to scroll the last post off the page, thus leading me to write the longest run-on sentence ever? Your logic is a banana!

  6. good lord people. if you keep this up, you’re just going to scare parish off the internet again. or make him shut down comments. and then delete the website in a fit, and we’ll have to wait the cycle all over again.

  7. Not a chance. I’ve adopted a “screw everyone else” philosophy; I’m doing this crap for my own satisfaction alone, so anyone who doesn’t like it can piss off.

    I’m serious about the punching, too.

  8. Excuse me Mr. Keithius. But I don’t need Mr. Parish to fall for anything. I honestly say what I think. Sure, sure, I visit this webpage because it remeinds me of what it felt to talk pop culture nonsense in the early nineties. But, heck, I like it. Parish reminds me of the cool nerdy kid in the neighbourhood who mantained a BBS, had a C64, smoked pot, could draw “Eddie”, made plastiline sculptures and liked to kick little kids in the nuts while saying “I hate kids”. For me this website is 1989 all the way.

  9. Speaking of awful movies, I have pony, er, feature request to do should you ever have the free time: review of the awful, awfull 7th curse DVD from way back.

    Or! Or! Like passing a nuclear hot potato, it could be passed on to sharkey, and thor, and me, and Rich, and, uh.. other people.. to endure and review. :D

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