Falling action

Hello, my dear little Insert Credit-lings. I fear you have been deceived by your vile master and pornographer, the nefarious Mr. Sheffield — there are few if any pre-1UP game writings reinstated at this website as yet. Currently only the comics and movie sections are anything resembling “complete;” everything else is either non-existent or in dire need of formatting.

Plus, Lara Croft is repulsive. My interest in Tomb Raider stems entirely from my love of pushing boxes and pumping alligators full of lead until they give their final desperate thrash.

But lest your visit be entirely in vain, allow me warm your heart by mentioning that Atlus is bringing over Yggdra Union for GBA. Since as an IC reader you loved the Riviera, rumor has it you’ll love the Yggrda too.

In site news, I have completed work on my New Games Journalist buttons! (By request.) I’ll upload pictures to my Flickr account. Just as soon as I take pictures and sign up with Flickr. Also, I’d feel sort of stupid trying to sell people a single button (the postage would cost more than the button) so if you have any suggestions on other button-able images that might make for a good set, let me know.

Finally, for those who are curious about the Toasty Frog Adventures mentioned in yesterday’s comic, I compiled some basic information about them last night. I’m still digging up more details, but I’ll update as it becomes available.

Edit: Oh man, Penny Arcade used the exact same “outsourced to Korea” gag today. Time to eat my own skull in despair.

23 thoughts on “Falling action

  1. Oh, come now. Lara Croft isn’t THAT repulsive these days. At least she doesn’t look like a man, right?

  2. I know it’s an obvious idea, but charicitures of your co-workers/other vainity website psuedo-celebrities is always a good start.

    If you’re willing to confess that these pins are mostly for people who frequent toastyfrog, with a little creativity (which I don’t have) a reasonably good “Perfect Machine of…” button series could be funny.

    Or if you don’t manage to come up with any new ideas, you could offer that button as a premium for a separate offer.

  3. Buttons!

    As from alternative button images — are there any button-able images from the Zine? Or what about something from that Hot Coffee parody comic you did?

  4. Or! What about something tacky and ironic for Valentine’s Day? Timeliness!

    (extra points if it involves Lara Croft.)

  5. Would you be infringing on any copyrights to make some simple primary colored buttons with letters on them? Letters chosen not-so-at-random, like X, B, Y, or maybe A? It’d be “clever”. Or “stupid”.

  6. Gee, I dunno, I don’t think I can afford the rights to reproduce the alphabet. Didn’t Microsoft patent that a few years ago? I know they got 1s and 0s…

    Anyway, I think I’m going to pick up a 1-1/2″ button maker too for added variety.

  7. I think as long as you don’t use enough letters to spell out any Marvel character names, you’re ok. Which, come to think of it, means you probably aren’t ok, since you could manage X BABY. Back to the drawing board.

  8. You should know that Toasty Frog Adventures continues to have a huge following at fan conventions. High quality fan made gashapon, garage kits, and of course the long running Toast Adventurus Fun series, a beautifully drawn (and cute) *ahem* doujinshi by Galaxist. Both Orchid Seed and Kotobukiya are producing scale model kits of the characters based on Galaxist’s redesigns. Tomy is producing 1/72 injection kits based on the mecha designs of the original.

    You made my day with the Yggdra Union news.

  9. Sign me up for that garage kit fun! I want the production version set where Rorita is dressed as a cat and Asuka Langley is dressed as a monkey. Kawaii da ne!

  10. It’s so obvious that you are biased towards Tomb Raider because 1) you visited Prague and 2) you entered in a museum. Talk about Anti-American Activities! [/sarcasm]

    And they didn’t even put a link to the “Tarnished legend” feature… One of the best articles I’ve read on Tomb Raider anywhere.

  11. My friends and I were tossing around the idea of button comics along the lines of turning a beauty three-panel comic into three buttons. Something like that. Your NGJ comic is 235 panels, so that’s 235 buttons right there.

    It’s a dumb idea because I came up with it. You can have.

  12. As far as loving Tomb Raider because you can shoot some alligators…
    you can do that in real life. Spare yourself the pain of Tomb Raider. Especially if it’s Angel of Darkness Tomb Raider. That one made me cry because so many people came into the store to buy it, thinking it was going to be fun. (Basically the opposite of what it was.) Poor people….

  13. Help relive Bill Buckley’s ’65 New York mayoral campaign with homemade “Don’t Immanentize the Eschaton!” buttons!

    I’m only half-kidding here.

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