Further adventures in dustery

Huh, I had a lot more comics hidden on my hard drive than I realized. So I guess I still have a ways to go before the Retro Webcomix section is complete. But I did take the time to reformat the bonus comic from the second zine issue for the web.

And the SF Portraits are back up, too, although they seem a lot less interesting now than they were at the time. I can’t tell if that’s because they actually weren’t interesting to begin with, or if living in the city for so long has simply inured me to all the insanity.

Edit: OK, now all the comic archives are up.

Re-edit: MANNA has gone and posted a Perfect Machine of Snipe companion piece without telling me, the rat.

2 thoughts on “Further adventures in dustery

  1. I don’t want to poop on the party, but I couldn’t help but notice the descriptions for the first two bonus comics say 1991 when I’m sure you meant 2001. I don’t quite recall Bin Laden and Wind Waker references being all the rage in 91, but I was a pretty naive 10 year old.

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