Compromised integrity

I probably shouldn’t have said anything about T-shirts yesterday, because now readers are asking me to make them. I really don’t want to go down that path (especially since the one attempt I made to sell ToastyFrog shirts was an absolute bust), but far be it from me to fail to give The People what they want. So let’s compromise. I’ll poke around tonight and see if I still have my badge maker, and if I do I’ll put together some New Game Journalist buttons. That way you can proudly declare your pretentiousness and desire never to know the loving touch of a woman, and I don’t have to sell my soul to CafePress. And then we can all be happy, at least according to a fairly unambitious definition of happiness.


Edit: I forget that not everyone visiting this site now has been reading for a long time (and little surprise there, as poorly as I’ve maintained it), so it probably bears mentioning that the comic posted here is several years old… the point being that Cafepress has been on my bad list for a while.

14 thoughts on “Compromised integrity

  1. …and doesn’t Cafepress merchandise fade after it’s been washed a few times? Buttons have no weakness.

  2. The best part of this is that buttons themselves are pretty pretentious things to wear these days, so it’s like a one-two pretentious punch! (Or for those who love to save time: a 1-2 double P!)

  3. So about that font — wicked hard to read, especially with partial transparency.
    [And yes, buttons are pretentious. They fall into one of those Indie or Emo or some other stupid counter-culture thing things.]

  4. Oh yeah. It’s all the rage, apparently. All the kids are wearing them on their lapels now-a-days. That is, if they wear jackets.

  5. I just want to say that stuff like the Penny Arcade trading card game is pretty rad and awesome. I mean, I like Magic the Gathering and stuff like that, and, you know, it’s good to see that not all webcomics are about stealing pop culture. Penny Arcade is creating pop culture. And that’s pretty rad. Really, I don’t even like videogames as much as I used to, but I still like to read PA every once in a while. And I laugh. And how many webcomics have a trading card game anyway? Pure amazingness and awesomness a go go.

    Sexy Losers is pretty rad too.

  6. Yeah, haven’t you seen these guys who walk around in suit jackets whose lapels are covered in the things? Somehow I imagined San Francisco would be full of them.

  7. Huhn. The only experience I had with buying a T-shirt through cafepress was a fan-made “I love bees” in-jokey shirt in bright yellow. The yellow’s faded, but the text is still crisp and clear.

    You can put me on the list for buttoms when tey’re available, btw.

  8. I would proudly buy and wear a NGJ button! Especially if it still leaves open the possibility of a loving touch from a woman! (I’m so tired of being hit!)

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