10 thoughts on “Katamari Akira

  1. There was an Akira game from Taito on the NES which was a “choose-your-own-adventure” style deal. Then various companies tried to turn it into a side-scroller, an FPS, and even a pinball game-but to no avail.

  2. Akira doesn’t make for a good videogame for several reasons. Maybe something like “Snatcher”, more like an interactive fiction/graphic novel with a hidden mini game featuring Tetsuo as a Katamari would be nice. But, but Akira doesn’t make for a good “action” videogame in my opinion.

    Now, Space Adventure Cobra makes for a kickasstastic action/RPG game in the “Mega Man Legends” vein (maybe I think that because both character have a blaster instead of their right arm), but instead, some jerks thought it was better suited for interactive fiction, which, as Sega fans were able to see, produced horrible results. Maybe anime makes for good action games like Zillion, and manga makes for fantastic Interactive Fiction like Snatcher.

  3. Oh, you just rolled up some weird jailbait thing!

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