Webcomix, Part -2

Hello, it’s another experiment. You can tell because it’s number -2 rather than number 2. I managed to find an impermeable brush pen, which is good! But I’m not used to the dynamics of the tip, so that’s bad. The inking in general kinda sucks but the lettering is particularly egregious. Sorry. I promise never to use cursive again in public.

This whole thing was sort of a lot of effort to go through for a single dumb joke. But on the plus side, I think the ink washes (intended to make it look like a two-tone 1950s cookbook/pamphlet) came out nicely. So I guess that’s a tiny victory.

Next time: I am not entirely certain there will be a next time.

12 thoughts on “Webcomix, Part -2

  1. This reminds me of that scene in book 2 of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World where the gang creates a meal. Except, they create vegan shepard’s pie, which is much more inclusive. Don’t you know how much meat is on your average Abobo?

    – Eddie

  2. I don’t think an Abobo would taste all that good. Is it just in the seasoning?

    (Incidentally yay for succumbing to your comickry again)

  3. The simmering is the trick — it makes the meat nice and tender.

    And pffft to the vegans. Adobo Abobo is a man’s meal, not fake-food wussery for simpering emo babies who can’t stomach the thought of committing a little murder for the sake of three squares a day.

  4. This is the absolute stupidest or perhaps funniest videogame comic I have ever read. The abobo looking out of the drum looks either pathetic or adorable — I’m not sure which.

  5. I think this is the first ToastyFrog comic I’ve seen that’s truly demented. I think I like it.

  6. I would comment on the awfulness of the joke. However I’ve wanted to combine Viewtiful Joe’s tagline and Abobo for a long time – so I have no moral high ground in this case. Also, shouldn’t it be Abobo Adobo?

    The Abobo peeking out of the barrel vaguely reminds me of something… I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

    And I agree with Mr. Parish about the vegans. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Or you can’t make Abobo Adobo without breaking a skull. And a few bones. And your back when you try lifting the pot. And a few taboos. … OK… Maybe Abobo Adobo isn’t such a good example.

  7. It’s nice to see a Double Dragon joke that doesn’t involve a girl getting punched in the stomach.

    I love the coloring, too, it’s very easy on the eyes (unlike the usual Toastyfrog colors).

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