Almost Batgirl

So anyway there’s been this meme of sorts going around the Internet in which various comic artists offer up their own depictions of Batgirl. It is, generally speaking, pretty swell. But I’ve been reluctant to get involved because, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not much of a comic artist and to toss my hat into an arena with people like Bruce Timm and Bryan Lee O’Malley would be pretty much an unforgivable act of arrogance. So I’ve decided to compromise by drawing a heroine better suited to my calibre of art:

Yeah, that’s right. Squirrel Girl.

Big thanks to Nich for lending me his copy of GLA Disassembled so that I could appreciate the wonders of this fabulous super-heroine. For those unfamiliar (probably about everyone), she’s a Steve Ditko creation, so beneath her ridiculous appearance there’s probably some sort of deep metaphor for the plight of the proletarian or the triumph of Objectivism or something. I dunno, mostly I think it’s awesome that even though her most impressive power is to talk to squirrels she was still able to take down Dr. Doom. If you ever wonder why Walt Simsonson retconned pretty much every appearance by Doom between 1964 and 1993 to be a Doombot, look no futher.

In the spirit of things, I did include a tiny reference to Batgirl, although it occured to me only after I watercolored the thing where the bat emblem is placed and the fact that Ms. Gordon is probably feeling a bit drafty as a result.

P.S. Yesterday’s comic was the first time I’ve used watercolors in about six years so please don’t hate me for my really horrible technique.

6 thoughts on “Almost Batgirl

  1. I was very unsure what the think of GLA Disassembled when I first read it. The book flipflopped between being completely silly, and… pretty serious.

    Still, it had (in my lowly opinion) one of the best endings I’ve read in comics for a while.

    – Eddie

  2. It’s a Steve Ditko charachter you say true believer!? No, no, no. The Creeper is a Steve Ditko character, probably. But the guys in the House of Ideas have only one source of inspiration to crap out generic characters like Spider-Man: Stan “The Man” Lee. No other artists has the pizzazz and creative genious of Mr. Lee, and hey, didn’t Ditko work for AOL comics? YUK!

    Well, true beleivers, it’s time to go. Spamperoooo!

  3. Ok, okay… first Michelle is all, like “Squueee!” with your pilgrimage to the shooting location for Goonies.

    Well, her nickname with her best friend is “Squirrel”.

    I get it. You’re shifting focus of site demographics to just my wife, is that it? ;)

    By the by… how did you get suck bold clear outlines and color? My attempts at watercoloring turned out to be a murky mess.

  4. the dorkiness just keeps swelling like a fat man’s arteries during a stake-out at McDonalds

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