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Hello, The Internets! Effective immediately (or at least as soon as your crappy DNS server bothers to propagate the information), this site now has a second URL: And there’s a very good reason for that, which will become apparent, oh, one of these years. I found a bargain rate on domain name registration, so I have five years to make good on it. Of course, will work for at least another year and a half — until the current registration runs out, at the very least — so basically I’m just being redundant. Story of my life, really.

I’m off and away from the Internet this weekend, savoring the joys of a sleepy little town called Portland. Golgomania!! returns next week, along with other assorted nonsense that doesn’t involve steely-eyed gunmen with a thing for slightly chunky blonde women. I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I’m making a sincere effort to restore a bit of this site’s former quality (such as it was). It’s really sort of embarrassing how run-down it’s become in the past couple of years.

Try not to flame me too much while I’m away.

Edit: Er, to clarify, I’m not actually abandoning the name “” is just a second link to tie into something I’ll (hopefully) be getting underway in a while.

9 thoughts on “State O’ Things

  1. This site changes direction more than any other I think I’ve ever visited. Not that that is a bad thing necessarily, actually, it’s what’s kept it interesting all these years. Creative minds are never really satisified with their work. Achilles heel of sorts. With all your attention focused towards 1UP a lot of the time its really understandable that you haven’t kept up this site, but it is definitely nice that you plan to spruce it up a little more again.

  2. Whatever. There’s that “other” Toastyfrog anyway. You know, the onw who got the name from her husband’s “psychotic” *cough*jeremyparish*cough* patient.

    Quoting Ruth from (gender of patient changed to hide his identity):

    ”My husband Jeff (who you can meet at works in the field of mental health. One day a year or so ago he was interviewing a psychotic patient in the hospital, and asked her one of the standard questions: “Do you know why you’re in the hospital?” Of course she did. “I swallowed a toasty frog,” she said, “and it popped out way too high.”

    When he told me about it, the phrase “toasty frog” just sort of grabbed my brainstem and held on. I couldn’t shake it, so I did what any good geek does in such a situation. I registered the domain name.

    It sat around unused for a year or so because I wasn’t really sure what to do with it, but it finally found a purpose worthy of its beginnings: a repository for the various and sundry ponderings and weirdnesses that have a tendency to leak out of my brain.”

  3. Also, unless this was new on Friday and I missed it, I like the new “smirking Toasty HR line dividers”, too.

  4. When I read, “Hello, the internets!” it instantly registered in my head with the voice of the Spathi from Star Control II/Ur-Quan Masters. Hello, hunams!

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