How I spent my Christmas vacation

(And by “vacation” I mean “tiny bonus check.”)

My love of tiny, shiny things and florid art featuring black-lipped girly-men got the best of me and I crumbled. I bought a Final Fantasy IV limited edition Game Boy Micro. I’m sort of ashamed, but it’s so rad I can’t feel all that terrible. I know, I should have used the money to help subsidize world peace or something. But, oh well, pretty Amano pictures framing dated video games is probably a better investment than some sort of global utopia anyway. A happy world is a boring world!

Also, I should note that in 1UP’s end-of-year wrap-up I offhandedly commented that the Xbox 360 power brick is big enough to hold a dozen GB Micros. In fact, I made a comparison today and it turns out it’s only big enough to hold eleven. I regret the error.

I should also note that if the above image appears out-of-focus, it’s not a reflection on my inadequacies as a photographer. It’s, uh, heat distortion from the sizzling-hot adapter warping the images. Yeah.

5 thoughts on “How I spent my Christmas vacation

  1. I guess at some point I need to come to grips with the fact that game consoles are no longer “consoles”. I miss the days of 2D graphics and A/C adapters. :(

  2. Speaking of the end-of-year article, you weren’t the one who called the Xbox 360 shortage “a carefully-calculated scheme,” were you? I was sort of surprised to see a legitimate site still supporting that particular conspiracy theory.

  3. I’ve been resisting for so long, but now that you’ve given in to dark tempation….
    where did you pick this sucker up from? So sexy… FF4 = still my favorite.

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