i was at moosestompers

Egads, I’m in Texas again. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how flat it is here… or at least, I hope I don’t, because that would mean I’ve spent far too long here and not in San Francisco.

Much to my surprise, La Quinta motels offer free wi-fi service. It’s not very fast, but holy crap, it’s free. Between this and McDonald’s and the fact that “classy” places like Barnes & Noble and Starbucks expect you to pay for the privilege of using their facilities to slake your burning thirst for portable broadband (to say nothing of what nice hotels like the W charge), a sort of reverse caste system seems to be growing up about wi-fi. The rich — or at least those rich enough to pay four bucks for a cup of coffee — are taxed; the poor — or at least those with poor enough taste to eat at McDonald’s — are granted free access.

Clearly, this is not a Republican initiative.

P.S., I’ve decided to name my first child “Rocksauce.” Which is yet another reason I figure it would be a good idea for me not to have kids.

P.P.S., When I say that this site is nine years old, I’m including its ignominious three-year stint as a Geocities page. Which no one actually remembers. If you think you do, you’re clearly hallucinating.

8 thoughts on “i was at moosestompers

  1. You bastard. My son was going to be “Rocksauce”. My daughter, however, will be named “Super Crazy” and will have akira-like powers. If you know where I got that, good for you.

  2. What about simplenet? I mean, that’s not much better than geocities, so I can pretend that I hallucinated that too right?

  3. Nah, Simplenet was when I actually started putting effort into it. Plus with Simplenet I had to pay, which counts for something, I’m sure. The Geocities thing was back when all you got was 2 megs and they were still doing that ridiculous city-metaphor thing.

  4. Oh man, you’ve implemented comments again. You think this going to lead to the downward spiral of jibberish like last time, or has 1up softened your heart?

  5. Maybe 1up has made him realize that in amongst the myriad comments of absolute idiocy are a couple good posts. Also, I’d like to apologize on behalf of Texas for Lubbock. We didn’t make it… it just kind of sprouted there.

  6. Nine years, eh? Now I feel like a johnny-come-lately, only having run across it slightly before the MGS2 thumbnail theater went up.

    Still waiting for the PSX 25 Rad, by the way, but I’ll understand if having to play Xenosaga Ep. 3 for work takes it out of you.

  7. Auuuugh! Dude, next time you’re around, let us know! We had a party at our house and everything! And we’re not too too far… Mansfield. But it’s not just pickles and cow pastures anymore. Honest.

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