entry zero

To commemorate the fact that this site in its myriad forms is nine years old as of this week, I decided to finally get off my butt and get it working again. In a fit of rash madness, I’ve gone and mashed together both a blog and a wiki in the same place. But I think I’ve done my job well enough that unless you look at the URLs or some of the more specific sidebar details, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the two apart. It’s a feat I accomplished by stealing someone else’s style sheets and templates and bluffing my way through them until everything matched up. As with everything I do, it’s a horribly awkward and amateurish attempt to execute a bad idea.

Now that I have an actual blog backend on my site once again, I probably won’t be using my 1UP page quite so much. Don’t tell the boss.

Naturally, I’ve gone and implemented this massive change right before going on vacation for a week, where I’ll have practically zero Internet access. No, no… no need for congratulations. This sort of thing comes naturally for me.

21 thoughts on “entry zero

  1. Maybe one of these days you’ll get around to finishing up those toastyfrog zines that all us faithful netizens/lurkers paid for back in the day….

  2. You never cease to amaze, sir. Or be predictable. So I guess that makes you amazing in your predictability. Or something.

  3. I grew up with your site. You take it away and I feel that a part of me will go away and I’ll be… forced to grow up. Which I can’t now, its too late at 43.

  4. I grew up with your site as well, and hope it and the new design stay. It’s classy in the sense that I can say it is classy without chuckling to myself. An thanks for stopping me from ever taking Evangelion seriously. I was an impressionable young lad, and who knows what damage it could’ve done if it went unchecked.

  5. Why don’t you use your 1UP feeds for toastyfrog.com? Years ago this page had the same topic as your work blog now has, and you wouldn’t have to manage three (?) independant blogs.

  6. Glad to see things will be up and running again. Now lets see how long you can go
    before getting rid of the comments :)

  7. I didn’t grow up with Toastyfrog Jump, I was already cynical and jaded when I found it (I blame The GIA’s Double Agent for both the discovery and the cynicism, though.) Alas, while I like the green tea motif, will the baby-aspirin pink of our youth ever return?

  8. Wow! Nine already? I’ve been reading for…6 of those? Oh the dizzying highs and terrifying lows this site has seen!

  9. I did use the 1UP feeds for this site for a while, but I wasn’t really happy with the results. This way I have everything all neatly meshed together. Well, not neatly, but at least it’s all working in one place.

  10. yay for fandom. i know i hopped on the wagon at least 6 years ago.
    like the color scheme, parish.
    incidentally, i was hitting up some gamestores yesterday for KH2, and i found a capsule toy machine with the frogs that you use for icons over at 1up.

  11. “Wow, they spell their house number with letters here, how fancy!”
    “Yes Marge. From now on, we’ll be spelling everything with letters.”

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