ToastyFrog Thumbnail Theatre

Thumbnail Theatres began as a lark, quick and dirty filler on a message board I used to post on, where everyone had entire webpages as the footers of their posts. I figured I'd make mine interesting and use them to link to my brand-newly relaunched website, ToastyFrog Jump. That was six years ago, and for some reason Thumbnail Theatres remain inexplicably popular. Rarely does a week go by without someone asking me to republish them. So, fine, here they are. They're woefully dated and the humor is often painfully forced, but there they are.

Special thanks to R^2 for helping to get these back online.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

As far as a lot of people are concerned, this is the only truly great or memorable thing I've ever created. And let me tell you, that makes me pretty sad, because these things don't hold up at all to the test of time. My best work is obsolete and kinda painful to look back on. Yay me.

Star Wars prequel trilogy

Well, sort of. I kinda of lost interest in making fun of Star Wars because, really, it makes fun of itself these days.

Metal Gear Solid series

Assorted stupid anime

The Matrix

Keanu Reeve's greatest role, until that one movie where Jack Nicholson stole his girlfriend.