Mega Man Powered Up Custom Stages

Man, if only I had the creativity to actually do something worthwhile with this incredible level editor.

Castlevania Level 1
Code: 59329113-001
Character: Roll
Boss: Ice Man
I had originally created some incredibly accurate renditions of Castlevania stages, down to the placement of enemies and candles. I decided to streamline things a bit, because it was a little silly to have point balls floating every few blocks when the custom stages don't score you. I also replaced Mega Man with Roll, because her short-range attack seems a lot more Belmont-like than Mega Man's. The downside: all the clever little custom weapon choices I added to match up to what each CV stage provided are lost. The upside: it's actually sometimes a little challenging, especially the boss fights.

Castlevania Level 2
Code: 59329113-002
Character: Roll
Boss: Fire Man
I was so clever about my original version of this stage. I put Time Man as the boss, because, you know, Medusa was the only boss who could be affected by the stopwatch weapon. But instead I went with Fire Man, because... I dunno, I don't trust those newcomers.

Castlevania Level 3
Code: 59329113-003
Character: Roll
Boss: Bomb Man
I initially placed a pair of cactus Metools where the mummies were, but since enemies get to move before you that meant cheap hits if you lost to the boss. Overall I think the enemy selections are pretty good here, especially the Fleas in place of Fleamen and Hotheads instead of Skeletons.