Deliciously intriguing websites worth reading

Did you know that if you read a GameSpite article three times backwards, you'll die within seven days? That's why you should check out some of these other sites to break up the monotony. Er, I mean, the fatal deathness. Yeah.


Penny Arcade: Somehow two guys turned a series of funny doodles into a corporate monster. An indie corporate monster. How can such a thing exist? See, that is exactly the sort of living contradiction that is Penny Arcade, like the way the writer is intensely outgoing and friendly while the artist hates the human race.

Scary-Go-Round: If I could draw and write like John Allison, I would be a multi-millionaire. But he is unflaggingly British, which means he favors wry, ironic humility to fabulous riches. An inspiration to us all, no doubt.

Kate Beaton: I weep to consider how much smarter and more talented than this cartoonist is than I am. At least I can take comfort in knowing that she too is also very sporadic with her work.

Achewood: Unfortunately, I can derive no such comfort from Achewood, because Chris Onstad is a machine. An enigmatic and highly private machine. Made of pure skill.


1UP: Some site or another, I dunno.

Dream and Friends: Pointless yet entertaining susurrations from the mind of Daniel Cowan, Esq.

Game|Life: Chris Kohler is a terrible human being who expects everyone to read his crap, but rarely returns the favor. What a monster. So be sure to check his blog often. Eventually, the karmic imbalance is gonna come for him.

Hardcore Gaming 101: If it's old and from Japan, HG101 has probably written about it. Whatever Kurt Kalata's site lacks in polish is more than compensated for by breadth and sincere enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Insert Credit: Your one-stop shop for slavish devotion to obscure Japanese developers who really should have died off in the transition to 32-bits, but didn't! Also, comprehensive info on games about young, naked, cartoon girls. Maybe a little too comprehensive.

SiliconEra: Obscure games, lavished with attention under the assumption that anyone else cares. I admire such a noble mindset.

VG Museum: True fact: 95% of lazy game journalists get their retro-game screenshots from VG Museum. However, I'm the only lazy game journalist who links back. Man, we're such a bunch of scum.


The Third Half: Not too many personal nerd sites from the Internet's earlier years are still kicking around. Manna and I are a dying breed. No doubt the rest of the Internet would very much like us to die, already.

Skellington Parade: True fact: Nich Maragos is one of the greatest humans on earth.

The Gameroom Blitz: Jess Ragan soldiers on with the online extension of his old print zines. He's the elder statesman of this nonsense by now.

Catherine Nguyen Photography: My little lady takes rad pictures.


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