GameSpite | Issue Eight | In some cultures, eight is a special number, fraught with symbolism and meaning. At GameSpite, it simply means "Another issue, as usual." But another issue as usual means awesomeness. So that's good!

Week One | June 23

Rocket Knight Adventures
Kishi's Rocket Knight retrospective laments the glut of crappy mascot games which served as the matrix of awfulness from which this rare gem materialized. I can't really argue with that, since I actually missed out on the game back in the day because I assumed it was another terrible bucket of swill like Bubsy or Awesome Possum. The tragedy of it all.

The World Ends With You
In one of those rare and frightening instances where someone has actually written about something recent, the mysterious Cynical Valkyrie has dropped off her thoughts on the merits of Jupiter's emo excellent DS adventure, presumably on the way to collect souls for Valhalla or something. Read it, and little by little you'll feel a bit better.

Week Two | June 30

Star Ocean: The Second Story
I like to find common themes in the games I post each week, but Mightyblue had to go and spoil it for me by writing about the second Star Ocean instead of the third. This could totally be a week of collective hallucinations and false realities! But nooooo. Instead it's about, uh, cooking. Also available: A series overview.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Run! It's New Games Journalism! Just kidding. This article has nothing to do with vegan burritos and spend almost its entire (brief) length discussing the game and its trappings and this has no relationship whatsoever to NGJ. Unless maybe it was written under the influence of hallucinogens! Also, not yet available: A series overview. Yeah, I gotta straighten out my priorities.

Week Three | July 7

Everything Wrong is Right Again
People have been pestering me to go on some podcast or another and debate the merits of Mega Man 9. But I don't wanna. Unfortunately, it was all bound to come out eventually, so what was supposed to be an editorial on the resurgence of classic gaming forms is pretty much an apologia for Capcom's baffling design decisions. But whatever. You know I'm right.

Gears of War?
At the exact opposite end of gaming's spectrum from MM9 is Gears of War. I personally find GoW to be precisely what I don't want in a game, at least in terms of aesthetics and presentation, but I have to admit its game mechanics are pretty rad. Being a kind and benevolent god, I have not polluted SamuelMarston's article with my snark. You're welcome.

Tragedy of the Collectathons
And finally, adventure game nut Merus leads us on a Queen's English-tinged journey into the dark underbelly of the modern platforming genre. In my opinion, it's a pretty good case for why we need Mega Man 9! But at this point I'm starting to see signs of its divinity everywhere I look. I'm probably not very reliable on this topic. Uh, anyway, this article is great. Read it!

Week Four | July 14

Monkey Island 2
And as the latest issue of GameSpite draws to its conclusion, I would like to be able to claim that the obvious theme for this issue was crafted deliberately. But the pirate-monkey motif is a complete coincidence and, I think, a testament to Ron Gilbert's ability to tap into humanity's collective conscious. We all think monkeys and pirates are awesome, and Monkey Island 2 proves they are.

Zack and Wiki: Search for Barbaros' Treasure?
As for Zack & Wiki, I suppose it's probably the strongest candidate for "heir to the Monkey Island" crown we've yet seen, and this article was written for the sole purpose of shaming me into finally playing it. So. My copy is on the way, even though I really can't afford such things at the moment. Curse Capcom for exploiting my weak points: Combining Monkey Island and Mega Man Legends.

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