The chudster is a lovable ragamuffin and a man from the frigid north known as stalag 99, or Edmonton, Alberta. He lives in stately chud manor with a rare collection famous world leaders' urine. Idi Amin's alone is worth at least $3.45. Seriously.

His hobbies include airbrushing Frank Frazetta inspired barbarian scenes on the sides of old vans with teardrop windows, starting flame wars on internet forums regarding who is TRULY the superior Robocop villain; Clarence Boddicker or Kain and also arguing, on the very same forums, who the better dragoon TRULY is; Clarence Boddicker or Kain.

Was last seen clotheslining his copy of Odin Sphere into oblivion.

Things I've done written here:

Devil's Crush

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Blazing Lazers

Final Fantasy VIII

Bioshock: A Tale of Free Will

Favourite Movie: Pink Flamingos

Favourite Book: Naked Lunch

Favourite Band: GWAR

Favourite Sitcom: My Two Dads