Media | Anime Releases | September 18, 2007: This week’s more of the same slim pickins as last, unless box sets are your thing. Also, the turd to gold (or at least silver, anyway) ratio is pretty high this week as well.

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Roundup by Mightyblue | Posted September 17, 2007

Pick of the week

Noein Vol. 5
This week I’m settling for one top choice, mostly because there’s such a dearth of quality selections that I need to pad out my bottom sections. At any rate, this week’s selection is a stellar show about identity and other similar mysteries that leave you scratching your head. At least, that's how I left it, anyway. This is the fifth volume, so bear in mind that you should start from the first if you want to watch the whole show. That's how they get ya, you know.

The Other Stuff

Karin Vol. 3
Vampires, high school, romance and much-too-naked teens all blend together into this show. The main heroine’s a vampire who gives blood instead of taking it, apparently, and hijinks ensue when she bites people. Rental or date time here folks. Actually, looking at the cover, "date flick" is probably not the intent.

Black Lagoon Vol. 3
Black Lagoon is a pretty expletiving good action show. As a matter of fact, this is that “better” show I was talking about in reference to Burst Angel in last week’s entry. Besides which, main character Revy rocks, which makes me regret my rule about avoiding hot, psychotic women. Tons of graphic violence, explosions, and sheer awesomeness make this one of those must watch series. Worth it, if only to watch things go boom... sexily.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Vol. 4
It’s the same Yu-Gi-Oh! you know and hate, only lamer and presumably even more censored for American release than its parent series was. This is the time where most people would curse 4kids, but sheer apathy drove me to stop watching 4kids productions years ago. You should stop, too. Skip it. Skip it hard.

Red Garden Vol. 1
This is a cool if somewhat flawed series. It essentially tells the tale of what happens to a bunch of high school girls who are killed by monsters only to be brought back to life. Their price for being resurrected is to hunt down more of the monsters that killed them. Oh, and they’re not all sweetness and light either. There is a fair amount of graphic violence and mature themage in this series, so shield your childrens' delicate eyes when you check it out. Which you should!

Anime in High-Def

High-definition anime is still a rarity, so no Blu-ray for you this week. Instead, you get a few more full-season box sets. Or half-season boxsets in certain annoying cases. That grumbling you hear in the background is me, not the guy with the chainsaw standing in your backyard.

Anime Boxsets

This week sees the third season of the remastered Dragon Ball Z (a.k.a the Frieza Saga), the first part of Full Metal Alchemist's first season (episodes 1-16), and season one of Great Teacher Onizuka. That’s technically three sets, but not really -- Funimation deserves a hearty WTF for the bizarrely releasing of only a half a season of their most popular show. Oh, wait, my cynicism is reminding me they like money, and are thus stringing us along to make more of it. How annoying.

At any rate, out of the three boxsets, only FMA and GTO’s are worth picking up, albeit with a well deserved grumble in Funi’s direction. That is of course, unless you like entire episodes of screaming and posturing. Me, I’d rather go watch a heavy metal concert and thus get entertainment along with my screaming and posturing.

The Other, "Other" Stuff

Dragon Ball Z: Remastered Volume 3 en Espanol
Dragon Ball Z: Remastered Volume 4 en Espanol
Ramen Fighter Miki: Miso Mayhem: Volume 1
Law of Ueki: Volume 9: The Cold Survival Game

Another slow week, but maybe things will pick up. And by "pick up" I mean more crap will be released. (Curse you, Sturgeon, you and your stupid law.) At any rate, enjoy your DBZ en SAP, and your Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and maybe a sharp stick to the brain. Discuss this week's releases on the forums!