Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of December 11th, 2007: It's finally a good week to be a PS3 owner... just so long as you like first-person shooters.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted December 10, 2007

Game of the week | Unreal Tournament III

What's this? A non-console-exclusive game coming out on the PS3 before it reaches Xbox 360? Are we in Opposite Land?

Anyway, once one of you has the chance to play this, could you let us something? How is it that Marcus Fenix's twin here can run so freaking fast in that armor? And speaking of the armor, why is he showing off his manly tummy? Well, whatever. The bottom line is this: If you've played any Unreal Tournament game, ever, you know how to play this one. In fact, you're probably over-qualified, since UT3 offers way fewer modes and way better (and paradoxically uglier) graphics than Unreal Tournament 2004.

Also appearing in stores

The Orange Box
()ter is one of the best games of the year. The cake is a lie. Now you poor PS3 owners can discover what the rest of us have been babbling about for the past two months. Five games in one box; only three of them are new, but all of them are good. It's worth it just for Portal, seriously. This reality-warping puzzle shoo()

NCAA March Madness 08
An interesting title to shove out during the holiday shopping frenzy, if you ask me. At least they could've waited, I don't know, until March. Seriously, this is worse than when they put up Christmas decorations before Halloween.

Rock Band: The PS2 Years
Here's an incredible next-gen game whose main selling point to many of us -- online content that may be downloaded to a hard drive -- has been taken away in the process of downgrading it to the last generation of consoles. Now, instead of totally kicking the crap out of Guitar Hero III in every category, it only slightly beats up Guitar Hero III, and maybe only takes its pocket change instead of its entire lunch money.

But it's still the winner.

Super Swing Golf Season 2
CRAZY ANIME TIME GOLF GAME OF EXTREME ZANINESS!!!! BUY NOW! Just kidding. Don't buy now. Sure, it's more fun than a dry, realistic golf sim... but at what price?

Madden NFL 08 En Espanol
Now, this isn't a south-of-the-border release; it is being released in the United States. The latest Madden has been entirely translated into Spanish and even features a new voiceover guy. That's great, but, ummm... isn't the other kind of football more popular with the Latin America crowd? Even Gamespite's Mexico correspondent Kolbe says so. Why not give FIFA the Spanish treatment first?

Weekly WTF? | Nothing Special

Kitty is lazy this week, because he doesn't have a PS3, and he doesn't play sports games. So he's just lounging in the sun. Ahh, it's good to have a few weeks off.

Talk about how crappy these games are!