Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of Oct 2, 2007: The onslaught of great games continues with a remake and a five-pack; we also catch up with two we forgot last time.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted October 9th, 2007

Game of the week | The Orange Box:

So let's see, what've we got in this here Orange Box? OK. We have the three-years-old-but-still-excellent Half-Life 2 and the first console release of the follow-up Episode 1. We've got the brand-new Episode 2. Oh, there's the reality-warping Portal, a brief but brain-bending puzzle-like FPS. Finally, there's the Incredibles'meetsQuake mashup of Team Fortress 2'. All of this in one standard-price box (or one fat download, if you're not into material possessions). If you like shooters at all -- or even think you might'' like them, someday -- you basically have to get this. So get it already.

Also appearing in stores

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
This week's runner-up would probably be Game of the Week just about any other week. This remake of Final Fantasy Tactics sports a fashionable new localization, the new job classes and a pair of new characters -- including Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. Nearly ten years after its debut, Tactics still stands as the true measuring stick for the tactical RPG genre, and few have come close to matchings its great blend of combat, character-building and story. And this time the story actually makes sense!

Touch Detective 2 1/2
There's no better way to solve a mystery than to poke everything you can find with a tiny stylus! There's one mystery here that may not have an answer, though: Why the half? Is MacKenzie a newhalf?

FIFA 2008
The last of the EA Sports titles for the '08 season but released in the '07 year (March Madness 2008 not included), FIFA 2008 will resemble previous soccer games with not one but two teams running amok while kicking a little white ball on a gigantic field made of grass. Or sometimes turf! Spectacular!

Thrillville: Off the Rails
Sequel to last year's insanely popular kid's game Thrillville, 'Off the Rails is more of the same ol' stuff. The big difference is that now some of your roller coasters actually go OFF THE RAILS OMG SWEET! This one's for the kids, and only for the kids. Because for adults? It doesn't. Make. Sense.

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron
It's like a big ol' orgy of exclusivity with the PSP-exclusive Battlefront 3 accompanied by a Star Wars-exclusive PSP "Slim" -- if you shell out exclusively for the appropriate bundle, of course. But wait! Maybe this is merely a tricksy diversion as LucasArts waits to announce the real Battlefront 3 for the PS3 and 360? In any case, you can mix and match weapons and equipment this time around, instead of being tied to specific soldier types. And up to 16 people can fight it out online. A useful feature now that there are finally 16 PSP owners in the world!

An action RPG (more or less) with a soul-collection element and what sounds like it could be an interesting storyline, Folklore adds another title to the PS3's growing list of exclusive games. And it's about time -- the system is wanting for originality. Now you PS3 owners just have to hope the game is actually worth playing.

Sega Rally Revo
Not so much a re-imagining of the Sega Rally series as a fresh coat of paint. Don't expect anything different from the last Sega Rally game -- except high-profile mud deformation physics!! -- but that might not be a bad thing. I guess. Depending on whether or not you liked the last game.

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
Aren't you tired of not having any girl-only games on your Wii? Tired of the patriarchal hegemony imposed by the likes of MySims and Cooking Mama? At last your prayers are answered with Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey! Having never played a girl game before, because I'm all macho and stuff, I'm sure this game includes sleepovers, pillow fights, and beating up that nerdy kid that has a crush on you. Just like middle school.

Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal
How can you make the Looney Tunes any cooler? Give them guns, just like Shadow the Hedgehog! Yeah. What could be a better fit for a fairly simple kid's level-based adventure game? Nothing says "important life lessons" like teaching those adorable scamps to solve disputes with intractable robots by punching them, or shooting them with ACME weaponry. There are a bunch of characters to choose from, too, so your child won't get bored. Say goodbye to your Halo 3 time.

Sorry We Forgot You

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Set during the Earth-bound war that took place before Quake II, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars applies the mechanics of the old, free Enemy Territory download to the bleak future of the brave human Global Defense Force and their fight against the relentless Bor- er, Strogg, a hideous race whose warriors are created from chop-shop meldings of flesh and machinery. Each map supports up to 24 players officially, 32 de facto, and the action is always focused on specific objectives so no one gets bored.

Chibi Robo: Park Patrol
The super-cute, power-cord-trailing hero of Chibi Robo returns to help, uh, patrol the park! So get out there and pick up that litter, etc., for great environmental justice! The game is, for no discernable reason, a Wal-Mart exclusive. Because we all know Wal-Mart loves the environment sooooo much.

Weekly WTF? | Flipper Critters

Here we have an amazing pinball game being released for the Nintendo DS. This is such an amazing title, I simply cannot express it. So I am going to copy and paste some of the description from

"The entire game is set in a rich and engaging fantasy world, complete with strange characters, perilous quests and a host of challenging arcade mini-games. The entire game makes use of both screens on the Nintendo DS to show off every angle and aspect of the vibrant, cartoon world of Flipper Critters.

"The ball physics in Flipper Critters is state-of-the-art, giving a fast, responsive and fun feel to the game.

"Flipper Critters is the most fun and engaging new game yet created for the Nintendo DS."

Gosh. Sign me up!

What games are you picking up?