Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of Oct 2, 2007: Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is out, but everybody is still probably playing Halo 3.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted October 2nd, 2007

Game of the week | Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Wind Waker Link embarks on another adventure. And this time it sounds like he doesn't actually fight Ganondorf, for once, which just goes to reinforce the whole Link's Awakening vibe we're getting from this new portable Zelda. Seriously though, the game is a bit of a simplified take on the series' classic top-down iterations, with smoothly-implemented touch-screen controls (and only touch-screen controls). Also, the return of that awesome Celda shading. Admit it -- Wind Waker looked awesome and you wanted to see more Zelda games like it.

Also appearing in stores

Project Gotham Racing 4
The sequel to the number-one selling first-party racing game from the Xbox 360's launch. ProTip: If you want to win, drive fast and don't crash -- pretty basic, in other words. The interesting thing is that the PGR series has always been developed by Bizzare Creations, until now! Yes, that's right, Bizzare was bought by Activision, but Microsoft retained the rights to the Project Gotham name. So the next game called PGR won't really be PGR.

Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast
Originally announced for the GameCube a year ago as DK Bongo Blast, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Jet Race Extravaganza (yes, most of those words are actually in the title) is yet another Nintendo first-party game transferred from GameCube to Wii. Complain if you will, but eventually they're going to run out of these and it'll be nothing on Wii but brain games. Here, your characters sit on a pair of jet-powered bongos and race away. The bongo elements would have made sense, if, you know, the player actually used bongos, which they would have on GameCube. Inexplicably, the Wii version -- despite the system supporting GC peripherals! -- doesn't allow the use of the bongo controller, so the whole thing is pointless. Whatever Nintendo. Maybe next time they port a GameCube game over to the Wii, they'll change the characters.

Basketball, the sport of tall people. Run around and dunk. As this is officially-licensed, it doesn't let you participate in the other aspect of basketball, the off-court antics and resultant stream of criminal lawsuits. Paging a Mr. Phoenix Wright... Mr. Wright, you are needed by a Mr. Bryant.

NBA Live 2008
Just another bask-


That is, a thrilling new entry in the NBA Live series, NBA Live 2008 brings to you the excitement of B-Ball like never before. Be part of the action as a rubber ball gets thrown around a court for an hour.

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Yet another Syphon Filter game starring international man of mystery Gabe "Boring" Logan. Logan's kind of a dud, he runs like he's constipated, and he's frequently voiced by the same actor who performed Tidus's much-hated English dub work in Final Fantasy X, but his games have always been pretty solid. No reason to think this one'll be any different, is there?

Crash of the Titans
Back when the Sony PlayStation was young, Sony felt they needed something -- anything -- to fight the competition's never-ending onslaught of Marios and Sonics. A small company by the name of Naughty Dog came to their rescue with Crash Bandicoot. Unless you're in middle school, you'll probably remember him from those commercials where he'd stand in front of Nintendo headquarters make fun of the fat little plumber. Those were the good ol' days -- but I digress. The Crash games have gone from really good to really average, but they're still able to offer a tiny bit fun. Crash of the Titans marks the series' debut on the new generation of consoles. You know what that means: time for some easy Achievement points.

Spyro: Eternal Night
Just like Crash, Spyro is an early-era PS1 series that's long since abandoned the shackles of exclusivity and jumped to wherever he can go. This time, it's on the DS and the GBA. I'm sure you'll be fighting Rynocs and saving dragon eggs. Sarcastic quips will undoubtedly be flung about with abandon.

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage
Why are they still making these games? Wreck simulators lose their fun after about five minutes, once the excitement of flinging your driver out the front of a crashed car wears off. I'm sure plenty of people will buy it this year (I'm almost positive that Wal-Mart is the biggest and possibly only buyer/seller of the Flatout and Cabela games), so expect another one October '08. Believe.

Spider-man: Friend or Foe
Has the very world gone mad? Spider-Man is teaming up with his usual enemies as sidekicks. Of course, that's only after he beats them up in their original incarnations as level bosses (based on the film versions). It's got a kiddie look and an E10+ rating, so don't look for much edginess here, even with the angsty Topher Grace version of Venom. They're saving that for Spider-man: Reign, which will defy the limits of the M rating with a mini-game in which you give Mary Jane fatal cancer with carcinogenic spidey-sperm.

Paws & Claws: Dogs & Cats Best Friends
I'm not sure what there is to say about this that the title and cover art doesn't say itself. Besides "No way am I buying this crap." But maybe the cover already says that for me?

Weekly WTF? | Holly Hobbie & Friends

Now, I'm sure we've all heard of Polly Pocket (and her brother, Mighty Max) but who the hell is Holly Hobbie? And more importantly, does she ride around on a Hobbie Horse? (Note: These questions are not important enough to inspire us to try this game and learn the answers for ourselves.)

Talk about how crappy these games are!