As seen in: Ghosts 'N Goblins (Arcade)
Also in: Ghouls 'N Ghosts (Arcade)
Distinguishing feature: Boxer shorts.
Strengths: A mindblowingly good and impressively tireless throwing arm.
Weaknesses: Exhibitionistic streak.

Profile by Sean Gandert? | December 11, 2009

Itís quite possible that Arthur is the strongest knight in the entire realm, or perhaps all realms. Who can say? We can be certain that heís brave to the point of foolhardiness, that heís bested more demons, undead, and other monsters than an entire party of adventurers, and that he can throw a 10-foot lance as far as the eye can see. Heíd be the perfect warrior... if only heíd keep his pants on for more than five minutes.

Arthur remains a beloved hero, defender of whatís good, and a constant menace to evil. Hell, he goes on some of the most frightening quests ever devised, difficult to the point of insanity, and heíll keep at 'em again and again until he rescues Prin Prin. But why does he need to keep stripping in order to do so?

Thatís really his central problem. Itís not that he canít fight off monsters; in fact, thereís been almost no one better suited to his work since the dawn of time. Itís that given the slightest provocation, from a zombie tapping him on the shoulder to jumping into the wrong patch of flowers, heíll immediately disrobe. Arthur will still keep tossing out daggers as fast as you can see, but no one really needs to catch a glimpse of whatís going on down there. It frequently seems as though heís naked more often than clothed. Couldnít Arthur have put on something else under that suit of armor? Or at least kept on a couple pieces? No, he has to throw the whole thing down and show off his physique, which may be impressive, but it's nevetheless an obnoxious habit.

Arthur will always be as stalwart a defender of the kingdom as anyone could hope, but unless he starts keeping his clothes on, itís likely that he'll be called on less and less often in the future, regardless of his dedication. Come on, thereís just no reason for that -- keep your armor on and stop pretending someone else made you take it off.

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