As seen in: Ys Book I & II (Turbo CD)
Also in: Ys VII (PSP)
Distinguishing feature: Man of few words; red hair
Strengths: Quickness of feet and mind, lucky habit of surviving shipwrecks.
Weaknesses: Women; actual use of swords.

Profile by Andrew Bentley | December 1, 2009

Adventuring is a rough business; for every damsel in distress, there’s always a dragon lurking around the corner waiting to cook up some adventurer barbecue. It takes a certain flair for dramatics (and a large balance at the Bank of Luck) to survive the odd dungeon dive, and few adventurers possess such qualities in their first adventures.

Which is what makes Mr. Christin such a standout; his first two consecutive adventures not only netted him a kingdom’s ransom in treasure, but also the discovery of a fabled land lost to legend, along with the eternal affections of the twin goddesses who watched over it. His penchant for fleet footwork is only rivaled by his utter lack of weapon skills, which makes it even more of a miracle that he managed to defeat an evil god and its multitude of minions.

Any rube from the forest out back can put on a green cap and tunic and swing a sword all day long; being a real hero requires the ability to pick up new talents as you need them, especially when Lady Luck decides to drop all your gear down the nearest cliff. Luckily enough for Christin, he’s a quick learner, too -- well, ignoring love and swordplay, anyway.

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