Vomiting up the past

I don’t remember the last time I went four whole months without posting to this site. Maybe in about… 2001, when I moved around a lot and had almost no internet connection for ages. Well. Let’s not allow that to happen again, shall we?

I’ve recently been organizing a bunch of papers and artwork and other archival old stuff my parents offloaded from their storage space to mine last fall, and it’s remarkable what kind of flotsam has shown up. Like this notebook page containing the origins of ToastyFrog:

I think I may have posted this at some point, but (1) it’s been a long, long time since then, and (2) it’s been so long since ToastyFrog regularly appeared as this site’s mascot that I doubt many people are aware of the fact that there ever was a ToastyFrog.

This was created as part of some sort of school assignment for graphic design class, which involved groups of three or four students coming up with their own design firm and producing some products. This resulted from the brainstorming session for the company name. My doodles clearly went well off the rails, but on the plus side, I did draw a frog in a swank lamé smoking jacket. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the imaginary ad firm we concocted, or the design project we turned in, but swank cocktail-swilling frogs are forever.

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