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My plan to blog more frequently beginning this month hasn’t panned out quite the way I had expected… but in fairness, nothing about this month has really gone the way anyone expected. I’m currently digging myself out of a bit of a hole in terms of free time (I have no idea how I’m going to be able to pull together a Retronauts Micro for this weekend), but the web show must go on.

So, I’ll share some progress on a personal level: I’ve finally managed to finagle one of my gaming retrospective series into something that actually resembles my vision for these projects. I posted the web article for F-Zero this morning at Mode Seven, and I’m really happy with what I’ve created. There’s the video, yes, but I’ve also adapted the video script into an article complete with cross-links and images. And then there’s a photo gallery, followed by complete manual scans. All that’s missing now is the PDF version I created of the manual… which, consisting of lossless scans at 300 dpi, is entirely too large for me to host on my own web account.

For the time being, I’ll be offloading those to Patreon, as seen here, provided they fit within Patreon’s 200 MB file limitations. (That monstrosity of a Final Fantasy II guide may not work out… but hopefully by then I’ll have come up with a better solution.) Still, I’m getting closer to making this fit my ideals; now I need to go back and add a few dozen articles and create/upload about 80 manuals for Game Boy World. Ha ha ha!


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  1. You could maybe ask for hosting? I don’t know about the ramifications, of course. Just an idea.

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