A la mode

I decided to take a break from making videos about 8-bit games and put together a video about a Super NES title instead. I’ve been contemplating this project for a couple of years, since my video capture set-up for Game Boy World involves a modded Super NES (so, you know, why not?). It’s taken this long to make it happen, because… well, I never seem to have much free time anymore. Work and personal responsibilities seem to fill every little crack of my existence, except for the few hours every weekend that I reserve to create goofy things like this for my own satisfaction.

My intention in recording this was that I’d produce Super NES video once every blue moon, but this thing has already been received with greater enthusiasm than any video I’ve ever produced. So, I dunno, maybe I’ll step up the production cycle. I was thinking about moving from Good Nintentions 1985 to Good Nintentions 1986… maybe that in-depth Chubby Cherub retrospective can wait a little longer, though.

One thought on “A la mode

  1. Nintendo and Game Boy were my first video game systems and I truly adore them both, but the Super Nintendo turned me into the gaming enthusiast I am today. I absolutely love the SNES catalogue. As a big fan of your work, I look forward to more Mode 7.

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